Interstitials: What you could be missing

April 29, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 5.53.24 PM If you haven’t been using interstitials in your apps, you could be missing out on a key revenue source and a great way to cross-promote your apps, without hurting your user experience.

Interstitials offer a great way to add ads with minimal disruption to your user’s activities. For example, many publishers insert interstitials during natural breaks in the user flow, such as between game levels or on menu screens. We’ve also noticed that many publishers on MoPub receive significantly higher CPMs for interstitials compared to other ad units. For example, publishers earned CPMs four times greater for interstitials than for traditional banner ad units last month on MoPub Marketplace , MoPub’s competitive real-time exchange.

That’s why over the past year, we’ve increased our support for ad networks with strong interstitial campaigns, like Chartboost and Millennial Media — so you can continue to manage and monetize all your inventory in one place.

Why publishers love using MoPub for their interstitials:

  • Quick integration with drag-and-drop adapters: For networks like Chartboost and Millennial, simply install their SDK, drop in our adapters and the integration is done.
  • Minimize SDK updates with server side management: Set up and adjust your ad network IDs in the MoPub UI without any client updates.
  • Easy access to revenue reporting: Easily see each network’s performance directly in the MoPub UI. We’ll pull in your revenue, impressions, and clicks so you can optimize your settings all in one place.
  • Reliable SDK updates: We ensure that our SDK has the most recent version of any server-side networks, like the recent Millennial Media SDK v5.0.

To get started, set up your networks on MoPub here:

Network set up for iOS Network set up for Android


Q: What are full screen interstitials?
A: Full screen interstitials are ads that take over your entire screen. Publishers often place them during natural breaks in the user experience, such as between levels and on menu screens.

Q: I already use Chartboost, can I set it up to work with MoPub?
A: Yes, you can. Just follow these simple directions for Chartboost set up .

Q: How do I integrate Chartboost or Millennial for iOS?
A: Just follow these simple instructions to integrate on iOS

Q: How do I integrate Chartboost or Millennial for Android?
A: Just follow these simple instructions to integrate for Android

More questions? Ask your MoPub Account Manager or visit us on the MoPub Forum .

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