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December 12, 2013

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Elain Szu
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Native ads are one of the most talked about topics in advertising, but there has yet to be a scalable and accessible solution for mobile app developers. Native ads offer an opportunity to monetize your app more effectively by matching the original content’s look and feel, maintaining the same great experience for your users. Before today, publishers told us that building one-off, custom ad experiences was too resource intensive and difficult to execute to be practical.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the first programmatic-enabled native ads platform for mobile apps. MoPub’s native ads product gives you the ability to work with direct advertisers, promote your own features and apps, and drive more revenue from one of the over ninety-five demand partners on MoPub Marketplace . This single solution means you can provide a customized ad experience for your partners without building custom campaigns for each advertiser.

Take a look at the native ads running on Tango , one of our launch partners:

Clash of Clans on Tango

Tango uses two native ad unit presentations within their app: One expanded unit in the News feed and another compact version in the Chat tab.

For Tango, the flexibility to not only work with multiple advertisers but also run their own promotions was key to their decision to introduce advertising in their popular messaging and entertainment app.

“Working with MoPub means we don’t have put in the effort to create a custom solution from scratch for every advertiser that we work with — so we can focus on our app and our business. The MoPub Native Ad standard makes it easy for us to both work directly with advertisers like Supercell and with other advertisers on MoPub Marketplace.  We’re excited to launch this with a partner that shares our vision to make advertising a great experience for our users and our ad partners.”
– Richard Rabbat, Head of Advertising, Tango

How publishers can use Native Ads

1) Leverage existing advertisers via MoPub Marketplace
MoPub’s Native Ads also enable you to immediately drive more revenue from advertisers through MoPub Marketplace even without direct sales relationships. With over 95+ Demand Partners on MoPub Marketplace, publishers like Tango can ensure they’re working with high quality partners. Interested DSPs can contact .

2) Drive more revenue with direct advertisers
Messaging and entertainment app publisher Tango used the MoPub Native Ad product to integrate ads from Supercell seamlessly into the Tango app. Native ads enable Tango to maintain their great user experience, while opening up new business opportunities and revenue sources with direct advertising partners like Supercell without building anything custom.

3) Promote your own content or apps
Publishers can also leverage MoPub’s native ad solution to promote their own content. Even if you aren’t ready to introduce ads into your app, native ads offer a great opportunity to market new features, drive installs for your other apps, or highlight other parts of your business within your app’s natural flow.

If you’re interested in getting access to our native ads product, please get in touch with u s .

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