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November 20, 2015

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Elain Szu
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Since we first introduced native ads, we’ve seen great adoption of this format by app publishers and advertisers alike. In our latest Mobile Programmatic Trends Report , we also saw impressive 165% year-over-year growth in video ad revenue to publishers from Q3 2014 to Q3 2015. That’s why we’re pleased to bring together the benefits of both native and video ads today with the introduction of the industry’s first mediation and full-stack solution for native video ads in beta, for all publishers worldwide.


For publishers, native video ads, or in-stream video ads, bring together the monetization potential of video ads with the seamless user experience of native display ads.  They give advertisers a scalable way to deliver the same great ad experience across an ecosystem of 31,000 apps on MoPub — without having to build customized ad campaigns.

As we’ve seen with native and other ad formats, publishers need the flexibility to work with as many quality advertising sources as possible — it’s not enough to simply work with one network to reach your full revenue potential. That’s why we’ve built a native video mediation solution that lets publishers work with top networks like Facebook Audience Network and any other network with native video ads. Best of all, our full stack platform also maximizes a publisher’s native video ad revenue by automatically selecting the ad source that yields the most competitive price, whether that’s an ad network, one of the 175+ DSPs on MoPub Marketplace , or a direct advertising partner. Moreover, MoPub’s full featured solution and long term expertise with innovative ad formats means publishers will get the benefits of a platform that adapts to their needs as their native video business grows.

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”We are strong believers in the native video ad format — both because of the non-intrusive experience it provides to users and because of the high performance it will offer our advertising partners. We chose MoPub because we know there is no other platform that will provide the revenue their Marketplace and networks competition offers, and because we need a platform that we can trust with our 40+ apps.”

– Arthur Millet, Managing Director at La Place Media

Why use MoPub for native video ads:

  • More revenue: Publishers can ensure they’re earning a highly competitive eCPM by working with any network and maximizing long term revenue with Marketplace competition, including demand from Twitter
  • More flexibility: Through our open source SDK and custom events code, publishers can work with any network to maximize their fill and increase their ad diversity for native video
  • Comprehensive controls: Publishers will also have all the same full featured controls that they get with native display on MoPub today and a simple checkbox to set up native video ads
  • Proven experience and longer term partnership: Our full stack solution and two years of experience with native and video, means publishers can invest in a longer term strategy with native video and trust that MoPub’s platform will meet their needs — whether that means new network relationships, direct ad partnerships, or driving more demand.

Native video furthers our goal of providing our publishers with the most effective and exciting ways to monetize and our demand partners with better performance and a scalable ad experience.  We’re excited to bring this revenue opportunity to our clients and to continue to move mobile advertising forward in innovative ways.

Native video is currently in private beta. For more information about using MoPub for native video ads, please contact your account team or to learn more.



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