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May 17, 2012

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Elain Szu
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From our weekly publisher calls to the most recent conferences in New York and London, we’ve increasingly heard our publisher partners ask, “What’s the best way to do X? How do others do Y?”

While there is no shortage of publicly available content on industry trends, new products, and big partnerships, we have found that many advertising operations executives just want to know how other publishers are managing their day-to-day business. It makes sense that in a rapidly evolving space like ad tech, these operational recommendations are even more helpful, particularly now that mobile is driving the lion’s share of new business for many companies.

These questions were also the impetus for our first publisher roundtable last March, where a group of top tier publishers shared tips and tricks about how agencies view in-app versus mobile web, which keywords and data offer the best RTB CPMs, and how to reconcile reporting discrepancies. In response, we’re launching a series of “Best Practices” blog posts to cover topics like these every couple of weeks. In these series, our all-star account management team will share learnings that they’ve gleaned from their daily activities about managing direct ads, real-time bidding on MoPub Marketplace, and ad network mediation – and offer concise recommendations that you can use to improve your business right away.

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