Introducing the MoPub Demand Platform

September 02, 2015

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Jeff Cunning
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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the MoPub Demand Platform, a new self-service interface for demand-side partners to manage their business with MoPub around the globe. With the MoPub Demand Platform, we aim to put the power of MoPub Marketplace into the hands of our partners.

Real time, programmatic ad buying is one of the most powerful ways for marketers to reach customers. Our partners know that being successful requires creativity, innovation, and precision. The MoPub Demand Platform offers our partners a robust set of capabilities so they can spend more time building more valuable marketing campaigns.

With the MoPub Demand Platform, partners can now optimize the traffic they receive, troubleshoot easily with bidder health metrics, and innovate more quickly with sandbox mode.

Receive high-value impressions
MoPub demand partners can optimize traffic by managing QPS filtering and throttling to access the right supply with an efficient use of bandwidth. Partners now have self-service access to decide what traffic they want to receive. They have the ability to filter based on operating system, ad format, and ad unit size; or, throttle the number of requests they see from countries or regions around the world.

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Troubleshoot with ease
The bidder health dashboard helps give partners peace of mind that bidder integrations are functioning properly, or visibility to take action faster if issues do arise. Demand partners are now able to see metrics like the volume of requests missing due to QPS throttling, the percentage of requests that are timing out, and the proportion of responses that are malformed.

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Innovate faster
Test new features, integrations, and endpoints with ease in sandbox mode. Partners can easily receive sample bid requests and can respond from testing endpoints to try new features at any time.

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We couldn’t be more excited to put the power of MoPub Marketplace into the hands of our partners. Contact your MoPub account team to get started, or visit us at





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