Introducing MoPub Inventory Packages

June 29, 2017

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Emel Mutlu
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Today, we’re excited to announce MoPub Inventory Packages - a new targeting solution available to all our demand partners globally.

We’ve heard from buyers that they want easier ways to segment and target inventory to reach their mobile in-app audience. Designed to do just that, Inventory Packages are collections of inventory with shared characteristics, which buyers can target on our exchange. With this solution, partners can more easily discover new inventory to target their audience, while transacting at scale to drive performance for their campaigns.

Target based on campaign objective

With MoPub Inventory ackages, buyers can target the exact inventory they’re looking for, by choosing from a range of available packages. Packages are curated based on characteristics such as inventory type, contextual and performance data. For example, buyers can target inventory that’s new to MoPub in the last 30 days, or inventory based on performance, such as high CTR banner units. We’re launching with eight packages to start, and in the coming months, we’ll include more packages based on feedback from our partners.

Examples of MoPub inventory packages

MoPub Inventory Packages - examples

We saw buyers testing Inventory Packages benefit from increased campaign performance. For example, CrossInstall saw positive performance leveraging Inventory Packages for their campaigns. Jeff Marshall, CEO noted, “Compared to our baseline, across the top 10 campaigns serving on these Inventory Packages deals, we saw conversion rates lthat were 1.5X to 2X higher.” 

Automated through Deal ID

Inventory Packages were designed to make it seamless for buyers to discover and target inventory with their programmatic buys. Facilitated via Deal ID, there’s no need for the manual creation and maintenance of a whitelist or blacklist. Frances McCann, Partner Manager at Blis, notes, “Inventory Packages helped us reduce the workload off of our operations team by being able to target inventory via a deal ID. Before, our team would manually maintain and implement whitelists. With Inventory Packages, our team is able to target inventory in real-time and we've seen consistent performance and scale.”

Scaled across our mobile app partners, refreshed daily

Inventory Packages apply across the entirety of the MoPub Marketplace. Refreshed every 24 hours*, lists are dynamic and help buyers find and bid on new inventory across the exchange, which they may not have otherwise discovered.

As effective targeting is critical to any digital campaign, our goal is to provide our partners with meaningful data that allows them to better reach their mobile audience. Our Inventory Packages solution is just one in a series of investments we’re planning to make as we double down on more data solutions for our demand partners. Over the next year, you’ll see us invest more heavily in this area, from added signals in the bid stream, to private marketplace offerings and third-party partnerships. 

Update August 2021: Learn how Twitter Audience Index leverages Twitter's unique audience insights to create curated app inventory packages. To get started with Inventory Packages, reach out to your MoPub account team.


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