FAQ for upcoming iOS14 updates

March 29, 2021

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FAQ for upcoming iOS14 updates

This blog post was originally published on CrossInstall's blog on March 29, 2021.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to answer them as best as we can. 

Understanding SKAdNetwork

What is SKAdNetwork and what does it do? 

SKAdNetwork is Apple’s solution to on-device attribution, which reduces the reliance on third-party measurement partners. SKAdNetwork provides advertisers the ability to measure the success of mobile app install campaigns while maintaining user privacy. 

What traffic will SKAN be able to attribute? 

SKAN-eligible traffic is defined by an ad exchange. In order for an exchange to label traffic as SKAN-eligible, the following must be true:

  • Device is on iOS14; and
  • App uses a SKAN-supported exchange SDK (different for each exchange).

In order for SKAN to attribute, you should use a SKAN-supported campaign only on SKAN-eligible traffic.

A SKAN-supported campaign means that:

  • The buyer supports sending SKAN info in the bid response; and 
  • The advertiser app has implemented SKAN APIs.
Is CrossInstall set up for the SKAdNetwork postback to collect attribution data?

CrossInstall is registered as a SKAdNetwork and is able to receive SKAN postbacks and forward the postbacks to MMPs.

What do advertisers need to do to be SKAN ready?
With only 100 SKAdNetwork Campaign IDs allowed, how many campaigns can advertisers set up? 

Currently, each app title can have up to 40 CrossInstall campaigns.

AppTracking Transparency 

What is ATT?

ATT is short for AppTrackingTransparency, and is a framework designed by Apple to collect a user’s consent to be tracked for the purposes of targeted advertising. In practice, it is an API that an app developer triggers in order to cause a prompt on the user’s device. The prompt asks for tracking permission, and offers the user the ability to opt in or out.

Permission opt-in notification

Beginning with iOS 14.5, IDFA will only be available when a user selects “Allow Tracking” in the ATT prompt.

Is ATT mandatory for all apps listed on the Apple App Store?

If developers decide they do not wish to collect IDFAs, implementing ATT is optional. However, if developers choose not to implement ATT, the IDFA will be unavailable for all users in their apps, which severely limits UA optimization. We recommend that developers consider using the ATT prompt in their apps.

How can developers customize the pop-up? Are there any conditions around this?

Developers have the ability to customize the ATT prompt in 2 ways:

  • Timing - Understand the user journey and decide when to show the ATT prompt in a way that disrupts the user’s experience the least.
  • Is there a time limit for when the ATT prompt needs to pop up? There is currently no time limit for when the pop up prompt needs to appear. However, in order to maximise the availability of the IDFA for attribution and event tracking, a developer will probably want to prompt relatively early in the user journey. Many developers have leaned towards providing the prompt upon when the user loads the app for the first time after installing or updating it.
  • Messaging - Developers can customize the second line of their ATT prompt, e.g. “Your data will be used to deliver personalized ads to you.” This is a critical opportunity for developers to explain why their apps need the information. Developers should take this opportunity to personalize the message in a precise and polite manner by setting the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription key in their Info.plist

What to expect with changes to conversionValue 

How does CrossInstall suggest making use of the SKAdNetwork events? Does CrossInstall have any recommendations?

Developers should:

  • Use existing data to understand the customer journey.
  • Avoid updating conversionValue after 24–48 hours. This is because timeliness of the install notifications is very important for campaign optimization.
  • Identify key early events that correlate with user quality, e.g. likelihood to spend and retain, as for many advertisers, actual spend can be rare to capture within the first 48 hours. 

To learn more about conversion value best practices, read iOS 14: use ad revenue impression data to get the most out of SKAdNetwork conversion.

As an app developer or an advertiser, can I send conversion values in a free format suitable for my needs or will there be a strict scheme to send these values?

Apple postbacks include a conversionValue set in your app. The conversionValue can only have a value between 0–63.

You can map each of these 64 conversion values to a specific event name and value in the CrossInstall UI.

Example of mapping conversion values to a specific event name and value in the CrossInstall UI


What will reporting look like? 

CrossInstall will have separate counts for SKAN conversions, SKAN CVR, SKAN Event, SKAN Event %.

Below is a list of information we should receive directly from Apple. We will pass to the MMP whatever we receive from Apple.

  • version
  • ad-network-id
  • campaign-id (Apple's campaign ID)
  • transaction-id
  • app-id
  • attribution-signature
  • redownload
  • source-app-id (****if available)
  • conversion-value
  • ad-network-campaign-id (CrossInstall's campaign ID)
  • ad-network-campaign-name (CrossInstall's campaign name)
  • Timestamp

As an advertiser, will I be able to see reporting broken out by MMP and SKAN attribution? 

We report MMP convs and SKAN convs separately. 

As an advertiser, can I get full SKAdNetwork Installs and conversion value data, attributed by Apple to CrossInstall’s campaigns, from CrossInstall directly by some API or other type of connection? 

SKAdNetwork will be made available via CrossInstall’s REST API, report generator, and MMP integration. 

How can advertisers match the Campaign Name with the Campaign ID they get from SKAdNetwork? 

The four-digit CrossInstall campaign ID and campaign name that our advertisers are familiar with using will be mapped with SKAdNetwork Campaign IDs and reported accordingly. 


Will VTA be allowed? 

Yes, according to this page where Apple noted:

“In early spring 2021, SKAdNetwork will support view-through attribution for advertisement formats, such as video, audio, and interactive advertisements.”

What are the new lookback windows? 

Based on Apple’s documentation:

  • Clicks are considered as long as they occur within 30 days of an app install.
  • Views are considered as long as they occur within 24 hours of an app install.
  • The click that occurred closest to the point of install is the one credited with the install.
  • If there are no clicks, then the view that occurred closest to the point of install is the one credited with the install.
  • Apple will only credit a single click or a view for an install, the advertiser will only receive one postback.  
If a user installs the app but doesn’t open it, is the install attributed? 

No, if a user doesn’t open the app within 30 days of installing it, CrossInstall will not receive attribution for the install. More information about add attribution can be found here

What’s Next? 

  • Continue to test their ATT pop ups & conversion values; and
  • share their conversion value mappings with their account managers 

For additional info, read our blogs on how to prepare for iOS 14 and conversion value. 

iOS14 is an opportunity for all of us to learn and grow together. If you have any questions, ideas, or insights you would like to further discuss, please reach out to your account manager.

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