Joint study with Miniclip: 44 percent of gamers play “mobile games” on the couch

March 20, 2012

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Elain Szu
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We released a study today on mobile gamers with one of our premier gaming partners, Miniclip , with some surprising results. The most compelling finding was that 44 percent of gamers actually play mobile games on the couch versus playing in any other out-of-living room location , including, “time spent traveling or waiting”. Despite what you might expect, that means that mobile users are choosing to play games not necessarily just during idle time.

The study paints a great picture of mobile gamers by age, gender, and content preference. Being big data junkies, we’re constantly thinking about how to present the most important info for our publishers in the clearest and easiest way, so we were delighted that our analytics dashboard and performance reporting capabilities could provide Miniclip with the backbone of this analysis. Coupled with a voluntary survey of Miniclip users, the data provided some great insights into Miniclip’s audience and allowed them to group results into clear demographic segments defined by game genre, device, and operating system. And with over 65 million downloads and a highly active user base of over 15 million monthly active users, you can imagine that they have no shortage of interesting behavioral data for their 750 ad-supported games.

Some additional highlights from the study:

  • Moms rule on the iPod Touch: of the parents who responded through an iPod touch device, an overwhelming 73 percent were female
  • Parents are the most likely audience segment to access games in restaurants or in travel situations; presumably allowing their children to play on their devices as a form of digital babysitter
  • No surprise here but apps prominently featured in the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace drive maximum downloads; 37 percent of the audience downloaded an app for this reason.
  • One surprising finding showed that reviews trump friends: A good review in the App Store was a stronger motivation for downloading (18 percent) than a “recommendation by someone I trust.” (14 percent)

The connection between mobile devices and gaming was also timely coming off the recent Google Android Market rebranding and Apple’s iPad 3 at Game Developers Conference here in SF. Apple specifically featured several gaming apps to highlight the benefits of the higher resolution graphics and increased processing power offered by this version.

You can see the full report here . Special thanks the Miniclip team. Stay tuned for some exciting product updates!







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