Launching Paul Gelb's New Marketplace Development Team

June 11, 2013

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Paul Gelb
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Our publishers’ business success depends on our demand partners and the advertisers that they represent. With that indisputable principle always top of mind, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the Marketplace Development Team at MoPub. The team’s mission is to; “Unlock Tier 1 ad spend by providing agencies and the largest advertisers with transparency, clarity and ROI.”

To be clear, the Marketplace Development team is not an agency direct sales team. Instead, the focus will be to expedite Tier 1 programmatic buying maturity by connecting advertisers’ with DSPs that are truly focused on RTB. MoPub will facilitate growth and traction through preferred DSPs that will ultimately implement these buys and own the end advertiser relationship. I will be leading these efforts as Head of Marketplace Development.

Countless conversations about mobile advertising traction with agency executives have produced clear, pervasive and actionable insights. Tier 1 marketers will eagerly open up significant budgets for mobile programmatic buying, as soon as there is greater transparency, clarity and understanding of the ROI being generated.

The Marketplace Development team’s daily responsibilities will include identifying partners, aligning incentives, navigating complex buyer organization structures, recommending execution and measurement best practices, providing RFP response information and supporting execution. This approach is aligned with MoPub’s vision and positioning.

Preferred partner benefits will be a catalyst for hundreds of advertisers with innovative and differentiated buying approaches. This type of demand influx will improve the liquidity and dynamics of the marketplace. We believe the Marketplace Development team will be a large source of revenue for our publishers and essential to realizing our ambition to create a better way to buy and sell mobile advertising.

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