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October 29, 2018

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Calvin Yeung


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One of our main focuses at MoPub is to continuously improve our publishers’ day-to-day experience of ad operation management within our interface.

Earlier this year, we introduced a brand new network set-up flow offering automated CPM update for key supported networks, so publishers can spend less time in the UI - which was very well-received.

Now, we’re excited to share more about what we’ve done to the fully redesigned line item detail page in an effort to streamline publishers’ inventory management and ad monetization experience.  As part of this change, publishers have access to new tools and workflows, such as the new creative review tool, which will help users save time and work more efficiently in their MoPub account.

Quick edits to price and priority

Publishers can now quickly adjust the price and priority of a line item directly from the detail page, without clicking into the edit form. Simply make adjustments in the summary table at the top of the page, and the changes will be saved automatically.


New creative flow

The new creative flow allows users to more intuitively manage creative images and videos for direct and promotional campaigns. Quickly preview what the ad will look like, including HTML, before going live.

Enhanced creative review tool for MoPub Marketplace

The creative review tab on Marketplace line items now allows users to view the top 500 creatives running on Marketplace for a given day, up to 30 days. Effortlessly view key stats and block or unblock creatives directly from the preview modal.


Quick line item copy

Users can now quickly copy a line item and adjust the start and end time within the same workflow, resulting in huge time savings and efficiency improvements.


This is the latest effort in our commitment to help publishers improve their operational efficiency.  We strongly believe that these improvements will allow publishers to spend less time managing and more time strategizing.   


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