MoPub Marketplace: New Demand Report & Enhanced Creative Controls

August 01, 2013

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Elain Szu
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We have recently introduced improvements to reinforce the control and transparency which have been hallmarks of our offering to publishers since the inception of MoPub Marketplace, now the biggest mobile advertising exchange in the world. Specifically, we’ve added more creative controls and greater visibility into the buyers on MoPub Marketplace – so you’re armed with the information you need to optimize your monetization.

Total visibility into Marketplace buyers
We’ve made it simple to identify which of our 80+ buyers on MoPub Marketplace aligns most closely with your monetization strategy. The new “Demand Report” tab on the Marketplace page provides complete transparency into historical revenues, CPMs, and impressions that each Marketplace demand partner offers. Additionally, a new “DSP” identifier on the Creative Review tab enables publishers to identify the bidder source for each specific creative and advertiser domain.

More control over Marketplace ad creatives
The new creative controls on MoPub Marketplace enable you to protect your user experience without limiting your ad revenue. In addition to blocking ad categories and advertiser domains, you can now also block specific creatives from future display. This additional control means you can prevent specific ads from displaying to your users without blocking an entire advertiser or ad category and potentially impacting your revenues.

Note: If you see an ad creative that you want to prevent users from viewing again in the future, we recommend blocking by Creative ID first before advertiser domain to ensure you are limiting your revenues.

Key highlights:


Total Visibility into Demand Sources
In the Demand Report tab (under Marketplace), you can now see the revenue, impressions and eCPM data for each of the bidders who showed ads on your inventory via Marketplace.


Identify the DSPs behind your Creatives
We have introduced a new “DSP” column in the Creative Review tab to provide more visibility into the specific bidders behind your top performing creatives.


Flexible Creative Blocking
In addition to blocking ad categories and advertiser domains, you can now also block specific creatives from future display in the Creative Review Tab.


Easily Identify Blocked Creatives
We’ve made it simple for you to view which creatives are blocked, in addition to the specific attributes the creatives are blocked by.

We’re continuing to focus on new creative control features to protect your app experience, so please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions here!




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