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October 05, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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We’ve rolled out a private beta version of MoPub’s real time bidding (RTB) exchange – the first self-service RTB marketplace for mobile. As a thank you to our current MoPub customers, we’ve given them a first look through our private beta version. Real-time bidding is the biggest development in desktop online advertising in years, but it hasn’t been translated to mobile at scale yet.

So what does RTB mean for publishers in mobile?

More revenue. The marketplace immediately increases demand for ad impressions by allowing more sophisticated bidders representing more advertisers (such as demand side platforms, ad agencies, and even some ad networks) to vie for each impression you serve.  More competition and more information for advertisers mean a greater willingness to pay for your inventory!

More control and transparency. Publishers will soon be able to see to what ad creatives they are serving, how much the market values each impression, and even block competitive or brand damaging content from appearing.

More accessible, easy-to-use products from MoPub. We’ve stayed true to what our customers love most: A super simple integration and intuitive campaign management and reporting.  The marketplace literally takes seconds to activate on your account.  And it doesn’t hurt your head to use it with our straightforward user interface.

We will be launching many more marketplace features over the coming weeks as it emerges from beta.  Stay tuned!

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