Testing with MoPub’s Mediation Test Mode

May 10, 2021

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MoPub’s Mediation Test Mode
Rupa Satrasala
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Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of MoPub’s Mediation Test Mode. This feature will enable publishers and developers to test any demand source using controls built into our publisher UI with zero integration changes.

Since the beginning, we've been working to streamline the way app publishers and developers work with ad networks through the MoPub platform. The Mediation Test Mode feature is another step towards making that easy integration a reality. Integrating or upgrading new networks and Advanced Bidders requires significant operational time and effort. Now, you can save time and easily test from a single demand source to a full waterfall right from the publisher UI itself, allowing you to update your apps with new SDKs faster.

Why incorporate the Mediation Test Mode feature into your integration testing?
  • Instant testability with MoPub Marketplace: you can enable test mode for Marketplace test creatives with a single click.
  • Model your own test waterfall without affecting your production waterfalls: We’ve removed the complications of temporarily altering your waterfall, replacing your production ad units with test ad units, or enabling and disabling networks in your production waterfall. Instead, with Mediation Test Mode, you can create a test waterfall and choose any demand sources you prefer to test (MoPub Marketplace, Advanced Bidding, traditional SDK networks). 
  • Configure test devices and enable testing on the device of your choice: Select one device only for testing your ad unit without the risk of sending test ads to all of your users. And conveniently, get the test ads served directly within your app to complete your testing
  • Exhaustive setup options to configure Mediation and Advanced Bidding networks: We support other networks’ test features in the way their respective test modes work. For example, if a network supports global test placements, we support it. If a network supports ad unit level test placements, we support it. If a network does not support any test ads, we still support network testing using their live traffic. So its assured that all your networks are covered with our test mode
Get started in five easy steps:

1. Setup your test device: configure your devices using Advertising ID (‘Google Advertising ID’ (GAID) for Android or ‘Identifier for Advertisers’ (IDFA) for iOS).

2. Prepare network test ad details: work with your network partners to set up test placements for traditional and Advanced Bidding line items. No work is required to enable test mode for MoPub’s Marketplace. 

3. Set up networks test details on MoPub publisher UI: populate Network Test Ad Details to make them globally available for all your apps.

4. Create your test waterfall: enable the Marketplace line items, Advanced Bidding line items and traditional network line items you want to test for your ad unit.

5. Turn test mode on and start testing: select your device and test away!

Best practices for using Mediation Test Mode:

Here are few ways to make best use of the Mediation Test Mode:

  • If you’re just getting started with MoPub, there is a one time setup required to prepare your network details, test devices and MoPub publisher UI configurations. We recommend to do this at the time of creating your ad units and waterfalls to be prepared to test as soon as your integration is ready.
  • Incorporate testing your networks and MoPub SDK updates using Mediation Test Mode with every app update. Enable the networks you want to verify in your test mode waterfall to tailor the testing for your release.
  • If you’re updating only subset of your SDKs or verifying a certain SDK in your app, tailor your test waterfall to only those line items for focused testing
  • If you’re considering a new network and you want to just test that network SDK in your app, just add that network in the networks tab of your publisher UI and we will auto-generate a line item for that network in your test waterfall. This way, you can test, try and verify your new network integration without having to add it in your production waterfall.
  • Engage with your UI team to scope your release testing plan so the UI controls for devices, ad units and test waterfalls are adjusted for your testing needs. 

Here is what our friends at GameJam have to say:

This has been incredibly helpful for us, allowing us to even stop possible six figure revenue losses due to incorrect integration setup. It is easy to use, even with teams speaking multiple languages, and is now part of our regular workflow process.

Christian Calderon, CEO, GameJam

We are excited as much as you are to make this feature available to you. Wait no more! Head straight to our developer documentation to know everything about Mediation test mode and level up your testing today

About the author: Rupa Satrasala, Global Head of Solutions Engineering

Rupa is Global Head of Solutions Engineering at MoPub, helping publishers and networks integrate seamlessly, scale efficiently, and make the most of the MoPub platform. While not working, Rupa enjoys cooking Indian fusion foods and lifting weights in her garage gym.

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