Behind the scenes: MoPub’s mediation partner program

April 07, 2020

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Rupa Satrasala
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Since MoPub’s inception, we’ve been working to simplify the way mobile app publishers work with mobile ad networks through the MoPub monetization platform. 

Publishers have long used mediation to maximize yield by showing ads sourced from a diverse set of ad networks. Adding new networks and ensuring their adapters remain up-to-date with each new SDK release requires significant operational time and effort.  

MoPub works on behalf of app publishers to help ease the operational load of working with multiple SDK-based ad networks. Today, we want to offer a peek into the process and the efforts it takes to maintain the quality of these network adapters and demonstrate the work that goes into keeping your mediation platform demand source connections maintained. We’ll also highlight a series of tips and best practices associated with MoPub mediation to help you streamline your processes. 

MoPub equips you with the necessary tools and support to confidently integrate mediation partners. Read on for an overview. 

How do we achieve high quality mediation? 

Close collaboration with our mediation partners

At MoPub, we work closely with our supported mediation partners to simplify the mediation process for our publishers. When onboarding a new network as a supported partner, MoPub vets the technology and practices of these networks to ensure best-in-class partners for our publishers. 

MoPub collaborates with that network to make sure both parties understand each other’s platforms and deliver the following updates:

  • Quick UI-selection on the MoPub publisher portal to enable easy ad network configuration and quick waterfall setup.

  • An end-to-end reporting integration for enabling Auto CPM features and facilitating review of all of your network’s performance in one place.

  • Mutually reviewed adapters on MoPub GitHub repositories (iOS, Android, Unity) based on our adapter guidelines to ensure best quality of mediation features.

  • The opportunity for any network to transition to Advanced Bidding and bid on MoPub’s supply in real-time.

Ongoing technical support

Once a new network partner is onboarded, our technical teams connect on a regular basis to discuss upcoming SDK updates and improvements. The goal is always to ensure the best quality of the mediation adapters. We offer continued support in the following ways:

  • “Always-on” collaboration on MoPub’s GitHub repositories to mutually review any changes required for the adapters and ship the updates.

  • A scheduled certification process to quality-check network adapters against every SDK version that a network launches. This helps to minimize errors when you upgrade to new network SDK releases.This includes ensuring impressions, clicks, and callback tests are working as expected. We evaluate whether any changes are required in order for the adapters to be compatible with the release, and if so, we partner with the network team to make the relevant changes. 

  • We carefully label our adapters against the respective network SDK version. For example, Facebook’s adapter is certified against Facebook’s Audience Network SDK 5.3.2. Refer to our README files and release tags for more details.

  • We collaborate with the network teams to resolve any issues related to network adapters and provide answers toSDK questions on GitHub Issues and supported mediation/SDK repositories. 

Now that you have an understanding of the efforts and coordination that go into maintaining our mediation program, let’s talk about the tools you can use for an easy integration. 

Mediation Integration Tool for Android/iOS/Unity

The MoPub Mediation Integration Tool is the most efficient and recommended option if you’re just getting started with mediation. Simply select the ad networks you want to mediate and generate the Gradle/CocoaPods configuration required for your app setup.

SDK Manager and MoPub Manager for Unity publishers

You can automatically download and install the correct versions of the MoPub SDK, mediation SDKs, and certified mediation adapters directly within Unity platform. The MoPub Unity SDK Manager detects your currently installed versions and prompts you to update any outdated SDKs and adapters.

Contribute to MoPub Mediation

Our mediation repositories are open source and transparent, just as are our SDK repositories. We lean on our developer community for quality feedback so we can make improvements to our platform. If you have improvements or new ideas that you’d like to contribute to the adapters to serve the rest of the MoPub community, you can reach out to our team through GitHub issues (Android, iOS, Unity) on our mediation repositories, or you can create a pull request with the changes you intend to make. MoPub and the ad network teams will review your request and make the changes as necessary. 

Our goal is to make mediation easy for you, so you can confidently work with your chosen partners without stress or hassle to grow and scale your business with peace of mind.

Have questions or recommendations? Please contact one of our expert client services team members and let us know. We’re here to help!

About the author: Rupa Satrasala, Global Head of Solutions Engineering

Rupa is the Global Head of Solutions Engineering at MoPub, helping publishers and networks integrate seamlessly, scale efficiently, and make the most of the MoPub platform. Rupa is based in San Francisco and enjoys working out and spending time with her husband and two baby boys, Shaurya and Siddu.

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