Miniclip doubles CPMs using playable ads

June 29, 2016

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Elain Szu
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We’ve seen increasingly strong publisher revenue from playable ads and rising popularity among advertisers for this emerging ad format in recent months.

Playable ads offer an interactive way for consumers to engage with an advertiser, typically in the form of a game that can be played within an ad. The user can play the game directly within a skippable, interstitial ad unit and then either engage with the advertiser’s call to action or return to the mobile app. The ad unit is often placed during logical breaks, such as between game levels or when waiting for another user to take a turn, preserving the app’s core user experience.

Demand-side platforms have seen growing interest from advertisers for playable ads because of the strong performance they offer advertisers. Rob Grossberg, CEO of Tresensa (one of the six MoPub demand partners buying playable ad inventory today on MoPub Marketplace), explains, “Performance advertisers love playables because these mini-game experiences help pre-qualify the user and drive 2-3x the lifetime values as a result. The increase in performance means the advertisers will pay more, so our publishers typically see 50%+ higher CPMs for playables than regular full-screen interstitials. We’re also seeing increasing demand from top brand advertisers because this unique form of creative can drive ridiculously good consumer engagement times for the brands on mobile, typically in the 2-5 minute range for our playables.”

Many MoPub publishers are excited about this ad format because of both the recent surge in advertising spend on playables and the high quality of the ad experience. The strong performance for advertisers translates into higher revenues for publishers, as well as demand from a growing set of advertisers. Top gaming publisher Miniclip saw over 2.1x the CPMs for playable ads relative to non-playable fullscreen interstitials.

“Running playables via the MoPub Marketplace doubled CPMs across our interstitial inventory within This format accounts for a growing portion of the revenue we’re able to generate across our apps, and was especially important to us during the quieter first half of the year.”

– Pieter Kooyman, Director of Advertising, Miniclip

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