Mintegral joins MoPub’s lineup of Advanced Bidders after a successful alpha launch

June 23, 2020

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Calvin Yeung


We are excited to announce the addition of Mintegral as a bidder to MoPub’s Advanced Bidding.  Advanced Bidding is designed to help publishers more efficiently monetize their inventory and eliminate inefficiencies of the traditional waterfall with simultaneous real-time bidding from networks and DSPs. The addition of Mintegral to our lineup of network Advanced Bidders marks a crucial step in advancing the mobile advertising ecosystem more holistically towards programmatic buying and providing impactful benefits to all parties involved.

Starting today, Mintegral is available in beta to publishers participating in Advanced Bidding, joining networks like Facebook Audience Network, AdColony, and Tapjoy in our ever-expanding lineup of network bidders. Publishers that want to opt into Advanced Bidding with Mintegral can do so by reaching out to their MoPub account team and Mintegral account teams to be whitelisted. 

“We are thrilled that publishers can now easily integrate one of the largest demand sources from Asia to bid on their inventory via Advanced Bidding. Once publishers have integrated with Mintegral and are live with Advanced Bidding, Mintegral immediately competes against the other 130+ bidders in the MoPub Marketplace, including the Twitter Audience Platform, in real-time,” said Noam Yasour, Managing Director of EMEA at MoPub.

Publishers like SuperAwesome from Seoul have seen meaningful increases in ARPDAU thanks to Mintegral during the initial alpha testing period. “It is probably true for everyone, but especially for small startups, time is the most valuable asset. After using Advanced Bidding, we saved a lot of time in optimizing waterfalls and focused more on productive tasks such as creating and improving content or developing new games. I’m excited that Mintegral is now one of the bidders in Advanced Bidding amongst others,” said Donghyun Cho, CEO at SuperAwesome.

“Mintegral's partnership with MoPub has enabled many leading developers to easily access our unique, global demand,” said Jeff Sue, General Manager Americas at Mintegral. “Since the launch of Mintegral's bidder on Advanced Bidding a few months ago, leading app developers have already seen great ARPDAU increases through increased competition and bid density.  MoPub has been a great partner and we look forward to helping more global app developers via Advanced Bidding.”

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of Advanced Bidding, please reach out to your account team or to request access. 


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