Mobile marketer best practices: What does in-app bidding mean for advertisers?

April 30, 2020

Tags: Industry Perspectives, Marketers

Michael Borgmann
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In a previous blog post centering on what mobile marketers should look for in a mobile exchange, we mentioned the importance of an exchange having a close relationship with its publishers. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at that relationship to better understand how the publisher’s interest is at the heart of the advertiser experience. Specifically, we’ll focus on the industry’s move towards in-app bidding (known at MoPub as Advanced Bidding) and the benefits of in-app bidding for marketers. 

About the author: Michael Borgmann, Strategic Partnerships Lead

Michael has been in digital advertising for 10+ years, working first as a marketer himself handling user acquisition, and now using his background to assist mobile marketers directly as a consultant on MoPub's Marketer Program team. Currently, he's focused on helping top mobile apps achieve their marketing goals and making sure that his partners are prepared for future opportunities in the in-app programmatic space. He lives in New York City but is a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. You can find Michael on Twitter at @md_borgmann.

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