What is mobile programmatic? A marketer’s guide

August 24, 2016

Tags: Industry Perspectives, 2016

Elizabeth Gilmore
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What is programmatic? For marketers who aren’t familiar with programmatic advertising, it can be a scary world: it’s relatively new, there are a lot of different players (and acronyms), and myths abound. That’s why we’ve created a guide to simplify what programmatic means, why marketers should care, and how to think about mobile programmatic inventory.

The guide includes:

  • How programmatic real-time bidding (RTB) works, and a glossary of the players
  • Benefits of buying on an RTB exchange
  • How brand marketers are thinking about programmatic
  • How to think about mobile and mobile in-app inventory
  • How targeting, attribution, and viewability work on mobile

Click the image below to check it out below or download here.

what is programmatic

Now updated as of 2018!

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