Mobile World Congress and TISEE 2011

February 22, 2011

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Jim Payne
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One of the biggest events in the mobile world each year is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This year was no exception. We don’t typically do big conferences too frequently, but many of our partners and associates were planning to be there, so Nafis and I decided last minute to join the festivities in Spain.

Personally, I started in Sofia, Bulgaria where I was invited to participate in a panel about mobile trends. It was focused on emerging markets like those found across Eastern Europe. I decided to go to Bulgaria for two reasons. First, a friend of mine who worked in the venture industry recently moved from San Francisco to Sofia to join a venture fund with a specific Eastern European focus. He’s a savvy guy so this got my attention. Second, I had heard from several sources that the engineering talent in Bulgaria is impressive. Engineers there are excited to create new companies and contribute to the development of their own startup ecosystem.

The conference, TISEE 2011 , delivered on both counts. I found numerous entrepreneurial technical folks at the conference, all working on projects that are quite strong. TISEE hosted a startup competition at the end of the show that showcased some of the local talent. I was impressed.

Next, Nafis and I met up in Spain in Barcelona for MWC. It was packed but we managed to meet up with a large numbers of publishers, ad network partners, vendors and other friends of MoPub, including some folks that we’ve worked with previously at Google, AdMob, and others. I hope to have a larger presence there next year. Thanks to all the folks who set up and hosted dinners, happy hours, parties or other get-togethers in Spain.

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