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December 14, 2011

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Jim Payne
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One of the recommended practices in mobile advertising is to send your ad impressions to several ad networks in order to maximize your revenue.  While MoPub was designed specifically with that goal in mind and does a great job, the system hasn’t been able to show you the most important number at the end of the day: your revenue.  Without this information, app publishers had to log in to a half a dozen consoles every day to understand how well their business was running.

We’re excited to announce that MoPub can now pull your ad network reporting numbers right into the MoPub console, so you can verify your revenue performance along with the other statistics that MoPub collects.  There is now a single console to show all of the revenue and performance data from your ad networks that you can compare with your direct sold and MoPub Marketplace numbers.

To get started, go to the Networks panel and click “Ad Network Revenue Report”.  Today, MoPub is able to show revenue and other data from AdMob, iAd, InMobi, Jumptap and Mobfox, and we look forward to working with more networks.  Data is pulled every morning so you can see performance up to the previous day.
Understanding your app performance is going to be much easier with all of your data consolidated in one place. More information about this feature is available on our help site.  And as always, send your suggestions and questions to

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