Moloco wins big with MoPub inventory, formats and high user quality

November 21, 2019

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Moloco, a mobile adtech company that unlocks the value of data through advertising, was looking to partner with an exchange that could help improve video performance and help drive the acquisition of high quality users. 


Since partnering with MoPub, Moloco has found success around video inventory volume, versatility of ad formats, and high user quality. According to Moloco, “with video ads outperforming other formats in many cases, we needed an exchange that could deliver on high performing video inventory that opens the gateway to top quality user acquisition, and MoPub was the winning exchange for us on many campaigns.” 

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the benefits Moloco experienced after switching to MoPub, and unique points of differentiation they found when working with our exchange:

Strong video inventory volume
MoPub’s video impression count ranks #1 among all of Moloco’s exchanges*.

Support for a wide variety of ad formats
Because MoPub supports all ad formats (banner, native, video) in abundant quantity — as well as a variety of ad sizes thanks to MoPub’s format array extension — Moloco has been able to capitalize on a balanced inventory mix that satisfies an array of different client needs. 

“MoPub is strong on video inventory but also has a balanced mix of various other formats, making it an ideal environment for us to cater to the needs of a wide range of clients with different goals.” - Brendan O'Connor, Senior Account Director, Moloco 

Overall ad supply quality
Overall, MoPub has been able to provide high quality ad supply to the Moloco team to enhance performance. 

“Compared to many other exchanges that we work with, MoPub’s performance metrics rank among the top few. Overall, we are able to deliver satisfaction to our clients due to MoPub’s capacity to scale on video as well as a wide range of other ad formats.”  - Neil Baquiran, Sales Director, Moloco 

Opportunity for high quality user acquisition
When looking to optimize user acquisition campaigns, Moloco was able to integrate seamlessly into MoPub’s platform. As a result, Moloco gained access to the high value impressions MoPub has, which ultimately allowed Moloco to acquire higher quality users for their advertiser clients. 

Top quality partner support and client service
MoPub’s dedicated account team has provided unmatched client support to enable Moloco to achieve its goals.  

“Our partnership with MoPub has played an integral part of our success. As a DSP, we look for exchanges that can provide us the ability to deliver quality at scale and MoPub’s inventory enables us to provide both. MoPub has been able to pass vital data points that feed our machine learning which we utilize to optimize our bidding engine, and this not only enabled us to buy efficiently but more importantly meet our advertiser’s expectations. Additionally, the team at MoPub are very accessible and are always open to knowledge sharing.” - Dock Kim, VP of Sales, Moloco  

*Moloco internal data, September 2019  

Click the image below to download the full case study: 

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