Momentum 2019: Exploring the growth engine

December 10, 2019

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Natalie Breitbach
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At MoPub, working with top mobile app publishers and developers all over the world is at the core of what gets us excited to come to work every day — and every autumn, we’re thrilled to be able to bring many of these industry-leaders together. Our #Momentum series of exclusive publisher summits is designed to bring best-in-class app publishers and industry partners together to discuss challenges, opportunities, and the hot topics of the day. This year we hosted in San Francisco, Paris, Seoul, and Tokyo; while every region is different, four key themes emerged across each event. Four can’t-miss topics as we head towards 2020:


  1. 2020 success will be driven by the growth engine.

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The mobile app ecosystem has evolved: user acquisition (UA) and monetization efforts must now be viewed holistically as part of a single concept that we call the growth engine. But what got app publishers to where they are today won’t be enough to take them to the next level. There’s evolution within each segment of the growth engine, and in between the segments in terms of how they support and grow one another. A breakthrough in monetization can drive higher lifetime value (LTV), which in turn will unlock more volume on the acquisition side, and so forth. App publishers are now also becoming sophisticated marketers. Publishers can’t think of monetization and acquisition in silos — they have to be connected.

  1. In-app bidding: here to stay, and time to scale.
    Does it feel like we’ve been talking about in-app bidding forever? MoPub led the market with our first efforts into our solution,
    Advanced Bidding, kicking off in late 2017 — so it’s certainly been top of mind for some time. The good news: in-app bidding is working, and now it’s time to scale. In tests, publishers are seeing ARPDAU gains of up to 45%, and several publishers also spoke about the value of the significant time savings that bidding has provided their companies. So what’s holding things back? Publishers agree that bidding won’t realize its full potential until more networks are on board and actively bidding; there’s a call to action here for publishers to encourage their network partners to adopt bidding as soon as possible.

  1. Data, data, data. And more data.
    Everyone is data-obsessed, but 2020’s most successful app publishers will be obsessively data-driven. This means not just having access to data, but understanding how to best use it to drive growth for your business across both acquisition and monetization. Effective UA requires insights to understand which campaigns and channels are most efficient;
    impression-level revenue data can create the critical connection between UA (to maximize profit) and monetization (to maximize lifetime value). Publishers are excited about access to this granular level of data and have begun implementing it to better understand UA and monetization efforts, but there are possibilities beyond this — so far we’re only scratching the surface of the power of this kind of data.

  2. Fraud and misleading tactics: a pervasive issue.
    Across the board, publishers expressed frustration with attribution fraud, creative issues, and misleading tactics. Attribution manipulation, in which tactics are used to artificially inflate clicks, came up as a particular grievance. In the absence of a governing body that can enforce real consequences for fraudsters, general agreement is that marketers need to take it upon themselves to get educated on the details of attribution and the latest fraud tactics. It’s also important for companies to understand the issue and reward their employees for efforts to eradicate fraud — for example, a UA manager shouldn’t be penalized for a drop in campaign performance if it came as a result of cutting out fraudulent channels. Finally, publishers should be sure to adopt the IAB’s
    app-ads.txt, which will help create a trusted environment for in-app ad buying and selling (and is already becoming a spend requirement for some buyers). 

The conversations continued over food and drink at exclusive venues in each location, and we deeply appreciated the chance to connect with top publishers in each region and hear what’s on their minds. Of course, we’d be remiss without thanking all the fantastic companies who sent speakers to lend their expertise onstage, including: 111%, AppsFlyer,, Coda, Facebook Audience Network, East Side Games, Glu Mobile, Homa Games, Kochava, Lightneer, Lifestreet, Mobile Deluxe, Publishers Clearing House, Singular, SundayToz, Tenjin, TripleDot Studios, Twitter, Voodoo, and ZeptoLab. Thank you to these companies, and to everyone who joined us!

Want to learn more? Check out the 5 key insights that Voodoo, a long-time MoPub partner and global leader in hyper-casual mobile gaming, shared with us at Momentum Seoul.

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