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June 22, 2021

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MoPub Acquire beta launch

When CrossInstall became a part of the Twitter family last May, the CrossInstall team was beyond excited to join such an incredible company. As CrossInstall started working closely with MoPub, we found that there was an immediate synergy between the teams. MoPub's mission to be the reliable foundation for app developers’ deep-rooted growth completely aligns with CrossInstall’s mission. The MoPub platform has had incredible growth since it was founded over a decade ago, now boasting over 2.1 trillion ad requests per quarter and supporting over 56 thousand mobile applications.1 Together, CrossInstall and MoPub are building a foundational platform that can fully support a true growth engine: help mobile publishers acquire key customers, earn through ads, and optimize performance insights to better understand and take action on the business.

With all that in mind, we are excited to announce a key step towards that plan: CrossInstall is now MoPub Acquire!

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Currently in a closed beta, MoPub Acquire provides an effective way to invest in user acquisition. MoPub Acquire helps mobile advertisers deliver customized, interactive experiences to targeted audiences across multiple exchanges, including the MoPub Marketplace, to deliver meaningful results. The data-optimized creative services and performance-based bidder make MoPub Acquire a secret weapon for top-grossing apps and well-known advertisers, across gaming as well as many other verticals.

We anticipate a very busy and impactful second half of 2021 as we continue to roll out the solution and make our way towards GA.

This step is just one of the many new and improved capabilities to come with MoPub Acquire as we continually strive to be that reliable foundation for app developers’ deep-rooted growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about MoPub Acquire, please visit our Acquire page or contact us directly.

Let’s #ElevateYourGame together.

About the author: Georgia Herdener, Head of MoPub Acquire

Georgia joined the Twitter team via the 2020 acquisition of CrossInstall. She currently oversees MoPub Acquire's global commercial and creative teams. Previously she managed the commercial team at CrossInstall for 4 years and has worked within the mobile adtech space for 10+ years.

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