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March 16, 2011

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Bryan Atwood
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Update: Please note that as of October 2017, support for mobile web has been deprecated.

When we started MoPub, we were focused on helping iPhone and Android app developers with the difficult challenge of showing the right ads to the right users.  As we talked to publishers about supporting new devices and platforms, we noticed that a lot of them were skipping the whole app store frenzy and releasing their applications through cross-platform web apps and content sites.  We’re happy to announce that MoPub now supports mobile web sites.  Publishers can get the same level of ad control and analytics from MoPub that they can get in their applications.

On mobile web sites, publishers are getting more sophisticated in their ad strategies and it’s no longer enough to add a snippet from an ad network and call it a day.  With MoPub, mobile web publishers can manage and track direct sold ads, house ads and ad networks like AdSense.  We also support all of the features from the mobile app side, such as per-user impression limiting, geo-targeting and ad failover where we can load ads from other networks if a particular ad load fails.  And of course we support various ad formats and rich media ads for mobile web.

In our push to be cross-platform, we’re happy to say that mobile web is fully supported along with our iPhone and Android clients.  Look for more additions in the future.  To get started with MoPub for mobile web, sign up at /start/ and get more information about the setup in our developer documentation .

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