Advancing to the next phase of mobile in-app monetization: MoPub Advanced Bidding now in alpha

January 16, 2018

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Boris Logvinskiy
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In the fall of last year, we shared a manifesto on what we know to be critical in making mobile in-app bidding a success and what’s next on the horizon for the app ads waterfall.  To briefly recap, the desktop “header bidding” approach cannot simply be replicated for the mobile world. Instead, we need a unique mobile app solution that:

  • Is fully supported by the publisher’s ad server. In desktop, header bidding developed from a hack that created a lot of setup overhead, and solutions for mobile in-app need to learn from that to create a better end-user experience.

  • Allows networks to compete. Ad networks make up a large portion of revenue for many apps and need to be brought into the ecosystem.

  • Preserves ad format innovation. Allows demand sources to preserve ad format innovation by leveraging their SDKs.   

  • Provides transparency to publishers and buyers. Gives publishers and buyers proof and confidence that auctions are won and run fairly and transparently for all involved parties.

As we move into a new year, we’re extremely excited to share the progress we’ve made toward the next phase of mobile in-app monetization. MoPub Advanced Bidding — our answer to header bidding for mobile app — is now in closed-alpha with a few select publishers. This solution will allow ad networks to bid alongside DSPs in real-time for the same impression,  replacing the antiquated ads waterfall.  Initial test results are very encouraging.

Just as it’s important to have the right technology and platform to make this a reality, active participation from all parties of the ecosystem — publishers and networks — is also crucial.  We are working with a leading network, and expect to add more in the coming months, to bid in real-time on the MoPub platform via Advanced Bidding, alongside the 180+ DSPs on the MoPub Marketplace; delivering unprecedented value to both publishers and buyers.


Here’s how MoPub Advanced Bidding operates a unified auction.

  1. Publisher sends an ad request to the MoPub platform

  2. Advanced Bidding runs an unified auction amongst network bidders and DSPs where it evaluates all bids in real-time and picks the highest bidder

  3. The highest bidder sends the ad content in real-time to the publisher

  4. The network bidder’s SDK is used to render the ad, allowing for maximum creative expression

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