MoPub + AdWhirl for über "house ads"

March 27, 2011

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Nafis Jamal
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Ever since our time at AdMob, we’ve been staggered by the growth of AdWhirl and it’s developer community. When our friends Ra and Sam started this grass roots project, the biggest challenge that we developers faced was getting a high fill rate. AdWhirl was the absolute no brainer solution for guaranteeing that for a given ad request something would get shown from a mobile ad network.

Now, however, its not just about filling ads, its about getting the highest ROI for every single impression, precisely our mission at MoPub. Your mobile inventory is now about selling direct ads, cross-promoting, geo-targeting, frequency-capping, measuring conversions and experimenting, all features missing from AdWhirl today.

We realize that many iPhone and Android developers have built great business on the “multiple-SDK” approach of AdWhirl and are now excited to work along side this open source project. Given that AdWhirl is unfortunately not currently accepting new adapters, we’ve decided to make a “Custom Event” integration much simpler by releasing some helper code. Now you can integrate MoPub within AdWhirl with only one line of code!

So, fellow iPhone devs, take the MoPub client source here for a spin and start by using MoPub for your direct sold and house ad efforts within AdWhirl. Check out our developer wiki for notes on the technical integration or just download the sample project attached below.

Android developers, worry not, we’ve got an update coming your way very soon. Stay tuned…

If you have any more ideas on how we can make your life easier please let us know!

MoPubAdWhirl Sample Xcode Project: MoPubAdWhirl

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