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August 24, 2021

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MoPub Analytics API
Joanna Zouhour
Joanna Zouhour


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Demand-side platforms (DSPs) and app developers rely on seamless collaboration to make constant impactful improvements to their businesses. As a strategic partner, MoPub is determined to consistently find new ways to help them be more efficient and make the most of our platform data. 

MoPub Analytics is one of these solutions — an interactive analytics tool which gives our customers access to platform, bid, and auction data, allowing DSPs to track inventory availability across regions and app developers to review their net revenue.

Today, we’re enabling DSPs and app developers to take what they love most about MoPub Analytics and integrate it into the analytics solutions of their choice with the recently launched MoPub Analytics API. 

Through this new tool, DSPs and app developers will experience more flexible data and reporting capabilities. The MoPub Analytics API not only allows customers to pull information they are accustomed to seeing within MoPub Analytics, but also includes downloads of larger datasets than the dashboard currently provides. Thanks to its programmatic and integrative features, the API also eliminates the need for manual downloads from MoPub Analytics and allows partners to easily pipe the data into their own business intelligence (BI) systems and dashboards.

Multiple customers have already found value in the MoPub Analytics API. 

To Matt Hawes, Senior Business Intelligence Manager at Liftoff, the API “is useful and we can already think of a few projects where we can put this to use, we’re really happy with the speed of the asynchronous sync”.

“The API works great and really lets us solve a lot of our tasks!”, said Ilya Utemov, Head of Ad Monetization at Zimad. “It’s really important for us now as we develop our internal analytics tool based on mediation data.”

We’re excited to bring this new solution to our customers, as we continue to be a full-fledged partner of their mobile programmatic strategy.

If you’re interested in getting started, please check out our documentation for DSPs and app developers or get in touch.

About the author: Joanna Zouhour

Joanna Zouhour is a Product Marketer at MoPub, with over 5 years of marketing experience.

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