MoPub and adsquare partner for mobile audiences

December 19, 2016

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Meridith Miller
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We’re pleased to share that MoPub is partnering with adsquare , a leading mobile data exchange. Marketers can now create and access unique audiences at scale on the industry’s leading in-app exchange, through a combination of MoPub’s in-app inventory, and adsquare’s vast data portfolio. This partnership is one step in a series of investments we plan to make to help advertisers reach their audiences more effectively as part of their mobile programmatic strategies.

Beyond location data, adsquare’s data portfolio includes data on households, purchases, socio demographics, and app usage from other third-party data providers.

adsquare CEO Tom Laband elaborates: “adsquare is a mobile-first data exchange. On the one hand we use location as a proxy to append valuable offline data, and on the other we tie audience segments to unique advertising IDs. We also enable first party data to be uploaded and targeted on our supply partners; all of which is to provide even greater control and use of the audiences our clients need to reach on mobile.”

Beginning in Q1 2017, our DSP partners will be able to work directly with adsquare to build audiences for targeting across the MoPub Marketplace, our real-time bidding exchange. adsquare currently has coverage in 11 countries in EMEA including the UK, France, Germany, and Italy, and will be available in the US beginning in Q1 2017.

We believe the ability for marketers to reach the right audience at the right time has never been more attainable. Our partnership with adsquare signals our continued commitment to connecting our publisher partners with the best demand, and our demand partners with the audiences they want to reach. We look forward to bringing you more data partnerships in 2017.

adsquare is a neutral, mobile-first data exchange, headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Paris and London. For more information, please visit .

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