MoPub Client SDK now on GitHub

March 25, 2011

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Jim Payne
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We moved to GitHub a while ago for most of our primary engineering team’s activities, and we have become significantly more productive as a group as a result. Being able to quickly create and manage branches for specific features is a game changer when you are developing. Plus GitHub’s awesome diff tools, integration with Lighthouse and code review features keep us disciplined without slowing us down.


Since we’ve adopted a full Git workflow, supporting our MoPub Client SDK on Google Code became too much of a pain for our client team. So we decided to officially switch to GitHub for MoPub’s SDK hosting. You can now find the SDK here:

Being on Git will allow you to easily fork the project for your own uses and contribute patches back to our system. It will also more easily integrate into your projects that are currently using Git. Not to mention the fact that our development branches will be accessible to you in case we are working on something that you need but isn’t quite stable enough for public consumption.

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