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December 18, 2012

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Lucia Rodriguez
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Last week, we paused our ongoing projects for a company-wide “Hack Week” at our San Francisco headquarters.  While innovation is big at MoPub every day, a Hack Week offers the team a dedicated break to creatively solve challenges and test concepts for future products.

The rules were simple: form cross-functional teams of three and work on a project that would improve the product or experience for our clients.  Monday morning, the teams got ready to present their projects and, of course, tell us their team names (my favorites include: “2 Girls and a Sorry Bro”, “Handsome Hipsters” and “Beauties & the Beast”).  With folks from our New York office in town, there wasn’t an empty conference room, desk or couch.

Hard work never goes unrewarded at MoPub and with awesome trophies at stake, the teams got ready to showcase their projects in front of our guest judges.  All the projects had technical components to them and it was exciting to see everyone exploring new ideas, learning new technologies, and pushing themselves to build something from the ground up.  Over a dozen teams presented new ways for our publishers to take advantage of our platform.

Aside from the tangible benefits of everyone’s hard work, the week also highlighted the kind of creative talent that we strive to maintain.  It’s great to see that an idea can grow into a product that can have an immediate impact on publishers.  We’re excited to build all of these Hack Week initiatives into new products that we can share with you – stay tuned!

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