MoPub Now Offers Transparent Access to 300 Million Uniques and Serves 1.5 Billion Ads per Day

February 05, 2013

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Paul Gelb
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The Super Bowl has become more than just a sporting event. It is a celebration of marketing scale. I could not think of a better time to announce that MoPub has reached two scale milestones. In January 2013, MoPub’s marketplace provided advertisers access to over 300 million uniques and served 1.5 billion ads a day. As the world’s largest mobile RTB exchange, we’re always excited to continue to achieve new levels of scale in our platform. That said, these numbers are notable both for the speed in which they were attained and the absence of sacrifices required for access.

Efficient and effective advertising inevitably requires reach, and without being able to touch millions of users through their mobile device, we wouldn’t really be able to change anything in mobile advertising. After reaching 211 million uniques in December 2012, MoPub realized 45% month over month growth. For perspective, reaching 90 million uniques in mobile, MoPub’s monthly growth, is widely considered an opportunity with scale by itself. Similarly, ads served increased 50% since passing 1 billion per day in November. These numbers are even more remarkable when you consider MoPub’s RTB marketplace launched less than a year and a half ago.

For me, the most notable aspect of these milestones is that advertisers don’t have to sacrifice transparency for scale on MoPub. Before RTB, demand had to be funneled through opaque, manual channels. When MoPub was founded, its ambition was to create a better way to buy and sell mobile advertising. A way that would emphasize control, transparency and sophisticated bidding techniques. It is clear that the ecosystem and market has made a big shift in our direction, a more transparent marketplace RTB approach. Our continually growing scale makes this approach even more compelling for buyers.

These achievements required a true team effort to scale our infrastructure and deliver great products. We want to thank our publisher customers, as well as our partners and the whole MoPub team. I could not be more proud of all of the hard work and dedication that the team has put into getting us here.

There is still plenty more work to do.  Yet, with each achievement we are increasingly confident that MoPub and its partners will realize our founders’ ambitions, faster and on a scale that surpasses the wildest expectations.


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