MoPub NYC 2.0

June 20, 2013

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Twenty two months ago, we announced the opening of our first MoPub NYC office. At the time, we were a whopping 2 people, ecstatic to be taking phone calls from the comfy confines of our own space, rather than the General Assembly coatroom.

Today, we are thrilled and very proud to announce the official opening of MoPub NYC 2.0.

Nearly 10 times the size of our previous office, our new space will one day be home to 60+ MoPub employees. Office highlights include conference rooms named for some of our favorite NYC spots – Balthazar, Pastis, Brother Jimmy’s (work hard, play hard) – and our action-packed MoPorch – BuckHunter, Ms. Pac Man, cornhole, basketball hoops, and plenty of refreshments.

MoPub NYC 2.0 serves as both an exciting indicator of massive growth and a humbling reminder that our jobs here have only just begun. We currently handle 2B+ daily ad requests and recently passed a 100M Annual Revenue Run Rate . We’ve established ourselves as the market’s leading smartphone RTB exchange and ad management platform.

But our intent is to be much, much bigger, to be the unquestioned monetization solution for mobile publishers. We feel we’re well on our way to achieving this ambitious goal.

We’ll be celebrating our new office space on July 18th from 6:30-9pm. Hope you can join us. RSVP here .


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