MoPub now serves one billion ads every day

November 12, 2012

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Jim Payne
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This weekend, MoPub’s ad platform served over one billion ads a day on Android and iOS smartphones. As the world’s largest mobile RTB exchange, we’re always excited to continue to achieve new levels of scale in our platform. That said, one billion is a special target we’ve had our eye on for some time. It’s a particularly important milestone because we have always felt that one billion a day is the level of scale at which you can start to move the market and it is important validation that our approach can thrive at scale. We want to thank our publisher customers for their confidence and feedback, as well as our partners and the whole MoPub team – we appreciate your support and hard work to get us here.

When we started MoPub two years ago, our ambition was to create a better way to buy and sell mobile advertising. A way that would emphasize control, transparency and sophisticated bidding techniques. Much of this is already happening through the MoPub marketplace. To really win though, we knew that a big piece of realizing RTB in mobile would be achieving scale. After all, advertising is about reach, and without being able to touch millions of users through their mobile device, we wouldn’t really be able to change anything in mobile advertising.

Looking back two years, its clear that the ecosystem and market has made a big shift in our direction towards a more transparent marketplace RTB approach. We’ve made a lot of progress towards the world we envisioned at the start of the company: a world in which mobile publishers don’t need to worry about SDK updates, daisy chains, waterfalls and other cumbersome chores. We want publishers to be richly rewarded for creating compelling smartphone apps, and not have to work so hard about how to drive revenue to support these efforts.

We’ve also developed a rich and vibrant new ecosystem of demand partners. By opening access to mobile supply to dozens of innovative new approaches, we’ve seen a number of new buyers with new ideas flourish. Before RTB, demand had to be funneled through opaque, manual channels. Now, first party advertisers can use their own data to market to their customers. Data driven shops can use machine learning to automate sophisticated and intelligent bidding algorithms, driving down cost of acquisition. Precisely because RTB is more efficient, transparent and effective, our continually growing scale makes this approach even more compelling for these new buyers. In the end, it benefits our publishers and their users, with better and more diverse, well-targeted ads.

There is still plenty more work to do. Earlier this year, I put an aggressive (some might say audacious) goal in front of the team for the end of this year: one billion ads per day. It seemed like a very long way away at times, and required a true team effort to scale our infrastructure and deliver great products that help our publishers run their ads businesses. This weekend, we crossed it eight weeks ahead of schedule. I’m proud of all of the hard work and dedication that the team has put into getting us here. Here’s to the next billion and beyond.



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