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February 19, 2013

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Tommy Kuntze
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The MoPub interface has been going through some exciting changes over the past month. Today, we are releasing the first round of these updates.

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Our goal with these initial changes was to improve the overall user experience by cleaning up and organizing the design and the layout of the site. To do so, we first did a full review of the product, and then applied a “fresh coat of paint,” as dubbed by our CEO Jim Payne. We also added a few new features to the product, including sorting, improved table speed and functionality, and prepping the product for more upcoming updates.

The UI
Visually, the product has changed quite a bit. We were working in parallel with our product marketing team on our public site redesign to make sure there was consistency between the two. At the end of the day, we want our product to be about your data and your business, not the appearance of the interface. The updated UI aims to move out of the way; it now helps you see and control the metrics that matter the most to you. You’ll notice a minimal style applied to the interface with a deliberate use of iconography. This is really to remove anything from the page that could be seen as noise, and make your data king.


Split tables
Our tables were the biggest change to the structure of our UI. We split our tables into a high level and detail level view. The high level view loads first, allowing you to scan summaries and rollups quickly. In the background, your detail data is loading, so that when you do click over to view “Ad Units”, for example, the data is already loaded.


Table sorting
You’ll also notice that our tables are now sortable, which has been heavily requested. We included dynamic markers that add up the total rows in a table view, to give you an idea of what you’re working with. Finally, we updated the “Details” column icon and the click-state popover is now an extension of the table.


Introducing “Inventory” in the Global Navigation
In the Global Navigation, we’ve renamed “Dashboard” to “Inventory”. This change more accurately reflects the kinds of data on this page and allows us to save “Dashboard” for something down the line.

The UX
One of our other big objectives for this update was to streamline the product and ensure consistency. For example, when we performed our first audit, we noted that we were using several different “Save” buttons. Now, you’ll notice we have a consistent treatment for buttons and iconography across the product.

The biggest change we made to the user experience is the hierarchy of the layout. We grouped the actions a user can take on a given page and situated them at the top right of the page so you’ll always know where to look. The exception here is the “Export” button, which can always be found in the bottom right of the page.


Clearer calls to action
Each page now has bright blue call to actions that mark the primary action you can take, as well as page headers that help you identify the page that you’re on. You’ll also notice that the “Remove” call to action is no longer at the bottom of a landing page and is now located on a page’s Edit form.

Form layout
We also revamped the layouts of our forms. We started to put a 12-column grid to use as a way of utilizing the horizontal space on a page and to provide more structure to our layouts – no more long single-column forms. Now you’ll notice that the flow of our forms read from top-to-bottom and left-to-right within a section.

Other UX updates worth mentioning:

  • Headers for all charts, making sure charts have labels
  • Table hierarchy, we flipped the order of Ad Unit tables and Line Item tables to list the more granular item first
  • Example text, having content to start with in an input field can really move along a process
  • Chart metrics, we moved to the right so that you are visually reading the chart left-to-right and seeing the total of that visual after scanning
  • Table timestamps, marking when the data shown was fetched reassures the freshness of your data in the table

We’re not finished!
We are constantly striving to make MoPub the most intuitive and useful product in the market. While we’ve made great changes here, it’s just the beginning. Keep an eye out for more new features and upcoming UX updates in the near future. We really hope you enjoy it and encourage you to give us feedback!

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