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August 10, 2021

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MoPub self-serve UI

For the past 11 years, MoPub has been committed to being a reliable foundation for app developers’ deep-rooted growth. We believe that every app developer can successfully use our monetization platform, regardless of size or sophistication level. The capabilities of MoPub’s monetization platform deliver developers control to their comfort levels, which enables developers to start simple and then expand over time. Through resources like developer documentation, our support center, and our newly launched #ElevateYourGame education center, MoPub provides multiple service options whether you are a top-of-the-charts publisher or creating your first mobile application. 

In our mission to serve all developers, big and small, we’re excited to announce MoPub’s new self-serve monetization user interface. The MoPub self-serve user interface (UI) provides key tools and insights to scale your ad monetization in the most efficient way.

MoPub self-serve UI

The MoPub self-serve UI is an exciting step in our continued efforts to make highly effective monetization strategies accessible to publishers of all sizes. It leverages many of the key strengths of the MoPub platform through a new user interface, designed from the ground up for an era of Advanced Bidding and programmatic combined with the traditional waterfall.

Noam Yasour, Global Commercial Supply Head of MoPub

Beginning today, any new developer starting out with MoPub will experience our new self-serve UI. It combines critical and easy-to-digest capabilities across usability, insight, and ARPDAU maximization:

  • The streamlined UI enables developers to allocate more time to strategic thinking and avoid human error.
  • The new UI presents meaningful datasets to quickly analyze your most important revenue and performance metrics.
  • The platform aims to maximize app developer ARPDAU through its straightforward, monetization features that focus on the unified auction while allowing you to control the mediation logic and fine-tune the ad experience.

MoPub self-serve UI
MoPub self-serve UI

To empower app developers to make more data-driven decisions, MoPub will continue to invest in providing quick and easy ways for you to understand meaningful dimensions and metrics in our platforms These insights can help guide you in making optimizations that can maximize your app revenue.

We are excited to bring this type of experience to app developers and are looking forward to your feedback — as well as seeing the new app businesses built leveraging this UI.

If you’re interested in accessing the MoPub self-serve UI, sign up for an account today.

About the author: Dan Kang, Head of Product

Dan Kang leads MoPub's product team. He is responsible for driving growth of the MoPub platform that improves the value returned to app developers and advertisers. Prior to joining MoPub, he was the lead for several key Twitter revenue products including performance, programmatic, and video ads. Before Twitter, he led the product team at Vungle scaling their video performance business. You can connect with Dan on Twitter @3puttDan.

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