Introducing the new MoPub Support Center

July 02, 2020

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MoPub Support Center

Are you a MoPub publisher or demand-side partner? In this post, learn about our newest solution for troubleshooting issues and getting support on the MoPub platform.

Whether you're new to the MoPub platform, or have prior experience, chances are that at some point you may have questions about how to use our platform or about the latest developments. To better meet the needs of our publishers and demand-side platform (DSP) partners, we developed a new support portal. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Support Center. It’s an extension of our developer help site, enabling you to easily find answers to common questions and to escalate issues directly.

Our primary goal was to design the portal in a way to make it quicker for our clients to get answers. To achieve that, we curated over 150 articles based on commonly asked questions, and categorized them so that you can search through them efficiently. Now it’s easier than ever before to find what you need. Let’s take a look at how to navigate the new Support Center.

MoPub Support Center
Search by category

Begin your search by selecting the category of your query. 

A dropdown with subcategories will pop up. 

Select your subcategory to view the related article.


MoPub Support Center  search
Support articles

We prepared articles to be short, concise, and on point, so that you won’t get lost in reading through unnecessary information.

Articles can contain links to relevant documentation, repositories, and tools.

Can’t find the answer? File a ticket.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can select the "File a support ticket" button. This will take you to a form page.

File a ticket using forms

Fill out the form and click “Submit” to file a ticket. 

Each form is populated with fields  specific to the related article category.

This will ensure that we receive the information needed to help resolve your questions faster.

MoPub Support Center - file a ticket using forms
Upload supporting materials

Add any additional notes or upload any supporting file.  Please do not add any notes or upload any files containing any personally identifiable information. 

Including critical information can expedite the process and help us troubleshoot your issue.

Helpful resources

We included commonly used links in a sidebar so you can have direct access to important links across the MoPub platform.

We expect this portal will help us to serve you better and get you answers more efficiently. Whether you’re an existing publisher or DSP using MoPub, or are interested about the platform, check out the new Support Center to learn how to maximize your use of MoPub.

Have feedback? We’d love to hear from you: use the "Other/Feedback" form in the Support Center so that we can continue to improve the portal.

About the author: H. Mert Kahraman, Solutions Engineer, EMEA

Mert joined Twitter in 2019 as the Solutions Engineer in the EMEA region. He specializes in MoPub SDK and Network Adapters, and operates mostly in the mobile gaming within the Unity ecosystem. Prior to this he was working as a mobile front end engineer in various startups ranging from fintech to ecommerce in New York and in Istanbul. You can connect with Mert on Twitter @mertkahraman42.

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