MoPub + Twitter: What’s behind our new logo

October 20, 2015

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Janae McDonough
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It’s been almost two years since Twitter acquired MoPub and we’ve both benefited greatly — MoPub from Twitter’s global brand recognition, resources, and unique demand, and Twitter from MoPub’s leading global mobile ad exchange and real-time bidding technology. This technology empowers Twitter advertisers to more easily automate and scale their buys, and allows for unique native advertising opportunities to be extended into the mobile ecosystem. The MoPub-Twitter relationship provides great value for both us and our partners, and today we’re excited to share the visual representation of this synergy: MoPub’s new logo.

MoPub’s mission has always been to provide mobile app publishers with the most effective monetization solution, by connecting them with high value demand sources. By preserving MoPub’s logo, we reflect that this mission has not changed. By pairing it with Twitter’s logo — one of the most recognizable logos in the world — our brand image becomes even stronger. This is particularly important as we continue to expand our customer base and work with partners who may be newer to mobile advertising.

But the added strength provided by having Twitter behind us, symbolized in our new logo, isn’t limited to just our brand image. Being a part of the Twitter family means that we’re also included in Fabric — a suite of mobile development products that help developers build the best mobile apps. This not only helps attract the best publishers to our Marketplace, but also helps to grow the overall exchange supply, which benefits all our demand partners. In addition, MoPub is a key component of the Twitter Audience Platform, which provides a simple and effective way for Twitter advertisers to reach their audiences both on Twitter, and in the thousands of apps that work with MoPub. This enables differentiated access to mobile social budgets for our publishers, and increased reach on high quality mobile inventory for Twitter advertisers. In other words, it’s a win-win.

MoPub and Twitter are stronger together. Together, we’ll continue to lead the industry in world-class solutions for mobile advertising. Our goal is not only to deliver the best possible results for our customers, but also to drive the entire industry forward by continually innovating and challenging our collective ideas about effective mobile advertising.

-The MoPub team

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