MoPub’s RTB 2.3 spec brings new capabilities along with the latest standards

November 04, 2015

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Jeff Cunning
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Today, we’re delighted to release our OpenRTB 2.3 spec , which brings DSPs new functionality to accompany the latest standards in mobile programmatic advertising.

The newest spec from the IAB is most notable for its support of native ads. While MoPub first brought native ads to mobile programmatic , this new IAB spec brings standardization to help DSPs scale native campaigns across supply sources. The new spec also brings more transparency around performance to buyers by clearly articulating the difference between wins and clears in bid responses. Additionally, OpenRTB 2.3 has improved support for third-party impression tracking.

Beyond the new standards and transparency, we’re especially excited to put this spec into the hands of our DSPs so they can take advantage of many new capabilities:

Portrait video & orientation control
DSPs now have the option to buy video in fullscreen portrait dimensions — providing advertisers campaign flexibility and scale for existing portrait creative. Additionally, each video bid request gives you the control to have the orientation render as portrait, landscape, or simply match the current orientation of the device.

Deep Link+
Announced in July , our Deep Link+ solution improves retargeting ads by providing a smoother experience for users, and quality and transparency for advertisers. Deep Link+ enables buyers to supply ads with a retargeting deeplink and a fallback if the app is not installed. We also provide partners insight into engagement — whether it’s with the deeplink itself, or the fallback destination. And since Deep Link+ is built into the MoPub SDK, there is no need for pop-up browser windows and redirects that diminish the user experience.

Native video (private beta)
Recently, at our annual Flight conference, we launched native video in private beta . Native video brings together the strong user experience that publishers love about native ads, along with the top-notch campaign results that advertisers love about video.

These new features are available for buyers who integrate with our new OpenRTB 2.3 spec. Additionally, all of our future capabilities will only be supported by OpenRTB 2.3, so we encourage all of our demand partners to integrate the new spec right away.

Integrating new standards takes time and effort, but it’s an important measure to ensure you can get the most out of each and every bid request. Contact your account team with questions about OpenRTB 2.3 or the native video private beta program.

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