More Native Ad Revenue with Yahoo Gemini

February 19, 2015

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Elain Szu
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As of this morning, publishers using MoPub’s SDK can now earn even more native ad revenue from advertisers on Yahoo’s Gemini network. Similar to other native ad networks, Gemini helps brings more advertising dollars to the thousands of publishers using MoPub for network mediation.

We’re excited that Yahoo has taken this step to bring more native ad spend and high quality ads to the ecosystem. Similar to how you can use Facebook’s Audience Network with our Custom Events framework, you can also now monetize your native ad units with ads from Gemini simply and quickly.

Full-featured native ads solution
MoPub is the only platform that lets you seamlessly mediate native ad networks, run native ads directly with advertisers, and tap into thousands of native advertisers programmatically via MoPub Marketplace. This means you can monetize your native ad units with the same flexibility as traditional units to maximize your revenue. You can also earn more revenue from Gemini for your native ad inventory with MoPub because of how our real-time exchange competes with your networks.

More about using MoPub’s native ads solution
We’ve developed the most comprehensive and battle-tested native ads solution for mobile publishers. In addition to plugging into Gemini’s spend, publishers can:

  • Mediate and prioritize multiple native ad networks, like Yahoo Gemini or Facebook’s Audience Network
  • Receive native ads from MoPub Marketplace’s 145+ demand partners
  • Traffic native campaigns directly with advertisers

The most advanced controls for new formats
As a relatively newer ad format, we know it’s even more important that you have the flexibility to implement native ad units where and when it best fits your apps. Our recently launched location controls gives you the power to balance your ads with your app content without cumbersome app updates. We’re continuing to blaze the trail for native ads with more innovations to come.

To get started, simply visit our iOS and Android developer pages to learn more about setting up Gemini. New to MoPub? Contact us at .

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