More video and rich media ad support on MoPub Marketplace

September 18, 2013

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Elain Szu
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We are delighted to launch additional support for video and rich media ad formats on MoPub Marketplace this month – both available today as part of the updated MoPub openRTB 2.1 Spec for our Demand Side Partners.

For publishers, we know the monetization opportunity for video ads is very significant, as we discussed in our July post introducing video on MoPub Marketplace . The popular VAST and MRAID standards that are widely used by our demand partners on MoPub Marketplace and our additional support provides for even richer interactive ad experiences and additional sources of revenue.

For DSPs, VAST video and rich media can offer even better conversion and flexibility for your agency and ad partners. Specifically, this support includes:

Video (VAST) support on Marketplace
We have expanded support for video ad formats to facilitate even stronger engagement and performance for our valued DSP partners. In addition to HTML5 videos, MoPub Marketplace now supports the popular Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 2.0 protocol established by the IAB and supported by over 80% of user devices available through MoPub.  VAST specifications include the following:

  • Inline video play directly in the app’s webview
  • Scaled ad skipping: Videos longer than 15 seconds are skippable after 5 seconds, 15 seconds or fewer are non-skippable
  • Third party tracking: Impression, click, video quartile and completion tracking
  • iOS and Android (available November with SDK 1.17)

Even more flexibility for Rich Media
We now support several new rich media features from the MRAID 2.0 specification on both iOS and Android. MRAID 2.0 is backward compatible and includes all of the great benefits from the 1.0 specification. New functionality includes:

  • Add an event to the user’s calendar
  • Playing a video in the native operating system’s player
  • Store a picture in the user’s gallery

Demand Side Platforms can expedite support for VAST and these additional rich media features with the most recent version of the MoPub RTB specification.  Contact your Account Manager or today to get re-certified.

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