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March 10, 2014

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Elain Szu
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Video ads offer a lucrative opportunity for publishers to improve their monetization.  Since we launched video ads last July on MoPub Marketplace, we’ve made some exciting new improvements, including the ability for you to now choose between 15 second and 30 second videos in your app.  These updates give you greater control over ad length and provide a more consistent user experience.


With our latest updates to Marketplace video, publishers can:

  • Earn higher eCPMs: Not only do video ads provide a more interactive experience for users, they also often offer significantly higher eCPMs for publishers. MoPub publishers often earn 2 to 4 times the eCPMs that they experience with regular interstitials and 15 to 18 times banner eCPMs.
  • Maintain your user experience: Choose the video ad format that best fits your app’s flow. For example, you can now choose between 15 second unskippable videos or 30 second skippable ads. We’ve also added countdown and skip timers to provide visual cues to the user that keep them engaged for longer.*
  • Increase interstitial fill rates: Introducing video ads can improve your inventory fill rates and leave fewer missed revenue opportunities. When you enable video, all of your full screen interstitial ad units can be filled with either interstitials or video ads, maximizing your monetization.

*Countdown and skip timers are currently only available for iOS. These enhancements for Android are coming soon.

More details about these updates:

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Learn more about video ads on MoPub Marketplace here


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