New Google Play policies: How they affect you

August 08, 2012

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Jim Payne
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Many of our publishers may have already heard that Google released new Google Play Developer Program Policies last week . The Google Play update is an important change that will affect our publishers due to the new Ad Policy section. We’re very supportive of this new policy as we’ve worked hard to prohibit deceptive UI ads in MoPub Marketplace since the launch of MoPub Marketplace last fall.

Publishers on MoPub Marketplace should rest assured that we are fully aware of the implications of the new policy and are doing everything internally to ensure compliance from all of our partner Demand Side Platforms in MoPub Marketplace.

Please note: If you also work with ad networks, you should also contact each network directly to verify compliance since they are responsible for the ads that you receive from any ad networks not through MoPub Marketplace.

The new Ad Policy section, which lays out a clear set of rules for ads, was created in order to maintain a positive experience for all Android app users.  If publishers do not comply with these new policies, their application may be removed from the Google Play store.  Here is a quick summary of the new policy:

  • The Android Developer Distribution Agreement and Developer Program Policies apply to every application, ads, and third-party libraries.
  • Ads are considered part of the app for purposes of content review and Developer Terms.  Ads must exclude illegal activities, violence, sexually explicit content, and privacy violations.
  • Ads must be consistent with the app’s content rating.  If not, the app will violate the Developer Terms.
  • Ads must not make changes to the user’s device outside the ad (i.e installing shortcuts, icons or changing default settings) without the user’s knowledge and consent. If an ad does make these types of changes, the user must be able to determine which app has made the change while also having the ability to reverse the change.
  • Ads must not simulate or imitate a user’s device (i.e system warnings or system notifications).
  • Ads that force a user to click or provide personal information in order to use an app are prohibited.
  • Ads must not interfere with any ads on a third-party application.

We look forward to maintaining a friendly and positive Android user experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or

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