New Location Controls for Native Ads

October 07, 2014

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Elain Szu
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Find the perfect mix of content and ads for your app.

When we launched native ads last year , our goal was to extend our monetization capabilities to the emerging native format. Today, we’re announcing a set of features that make it easier to create and manage native ads on our platform.


Our new location control features let you find the perfect mix of content and ads for your app, simply and quickly. You can now choose the position of your ads and how often they appear in your content stream directly in the MoPub UI. This means you can experiment with ads in new and different parts of your app and see results on your revenue immediately, without any engineering work or waiting for user app updates. We believe this gives publishers a better opportunity to balance content with ads tailored for their app – without compromising on revenue or user experience.

Popular social app publisher, Keek, uses MoPub’s location controls to see the impact on their revenue.

“Being able to change the ad targeting and ad location without any app updates means we can experiment with ad placements and ad load without interrupting the user experience. With a few clicks we can see how our ad revenue and user engagement is affected immediately.”

– Bill Blummer, SVP of Monetization and Sales Solutions, Keek

We have also simplified the integration to a couple lines of code, making setting up native ads almost as simple as any standard ad format. Our lightweight SDK ensures that your ads are displayed in the right location at the right time through powerful caching capabilities.

These location control features are a part of MoPub’s full stack platform for native ads, which enables you to work directly with advertisers, connect with thousands of high quality advertisers programmatically through MoPub Marketplace, work with multiple native ad networks and run your own promotional native ads.

For more information, contact the MoPub sales team at or simply create an account to get started.

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