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October 07, 2020

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MoPub Next 10 - Audiomack
Natalie Breitbach
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MoPub is celebrating 10 years, and as part of our anniversary festivities, we honored 10 clients and partners on our Next 10 list. The Next 10 celebrates companies driving forward the future of mobile apps and mobile advertising for the next 10 years (and beyond). In this interview series, we’ll hear from some of our “Next 10” honorees. Today we have Dave Macli, CEO & Co-Founder of music streaming and discovery app Audiomack.
MoPub: Let’s start with some background. MoPub and Audiomack have been working together for a few years now; what led you to the decision to work with MoPub? What’s important to you in a monetization partner?

Dave Macli: We made the switch to MoPub after working with two other companies for our ad mediation. The app advertising ecosystem is constantly changing and we needed a partner that could combine innovative technology with a knowledgeable and attentive client services team. Over three years later, we continue to look to MoPub to help Audiomack navigate the ever-changing app monetization landscape.

MoPub: We know user experience is key for Audiomack. How do you think creatively about using advertising in ways that enhance user experience?

Dave: At Audiomack we always keep an eye on the performance of our advertising, as measured by view and click-through rate. In order for an ad to be effective, it must be presented to the user at the time when they are most likely to take action. 

Music offers a unique value proposition. Unlike video content, music can be listened to while performing other activities. It is for this reason that Audiomack triggers high-value formats like interstitial ads once a user has selected what they would like to listen to and are free to learn more about our advertisers’ offerings.  

MoPub: One thing we really appreciate about working with Audiomack is your willingness to test new strategies and become an early adopter of new solutions. (This led to a lot of success with your adoption of Advanced Bidding, for example.) What’s your philosophy around trying new solutions — and what do you look for to determine success?

Dave: If you want to be successful in digital publishing you have to be at the forefront of innovation.  Here at Audiomack we are excited to try out new technologies as long as we can protect the user experience. Our team at MoPub has helped to test out new ad units and bidding strategies in ways that minimizes risk of unforeseen issues. As a result, Audiomack has been able to roll out innovative changes that increased ARPDAU while maintaining stability across our user base of over 15 million passionate music fans.  

MoPub: What’s top of mind for you as we look towards 2021? Anything you’re particularly excited (or worried) about?

Dave: The biggest challenge of 2021 will be finding ways to enable advertisers to target high-performing audiences while simultaneously respecting user privacy. Audiomack is excited at this opportunity because unlike many publishers, we have a close relationship with our audience and they share anonymous data like age, gender, and listening habits with us.  We are working on ways to pass this data to our advertisers while maintaining consumer privacy.


From Audiomack: Audiomack is a music streaming and discovery platform that allows artists, labels, and distributors to share unlimited music for free, and fans to discover new artists, songs, albums, mixtapes, playlists, podcasts and more. Breaking the best and hottest new music through a mix of real-time trending, top charts, and expertly-curated playlists, Audiomack showcases music’s up-next stars. With over 15 million monthly active users and a focus on top and emerging genres like hip-hop, Latin, electronic, dancehall/reggae, and Afrobeats, Audiomack is the go-to music service for young, passionate music fans.

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