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February 11, 2011

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Jim Payne
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We’re excited to announce open signups of MoPub, the ad server and monetization platform designed specifically for mobile. We’ve been hard at work since our funding announcement in November doing the following:

  • Shoring up our infrastructure and analytics backends so we can handle billions of impressions while still offering real-time analytics, in-flight campaign updates and sophisticated delivery budgeting;
  • Putting a coat of “polish” on our open source SDKs for iPhone and Android; and
  • Giving MoPub a more beautiful, fast and intuitive user experience

If you’ve been waiting to give MoPub a try for monetization of your mobile applications, now you can. Get started by signing in with your Google Account.

We are big believers in launching and iterating, so you can expect more product innovations from us over the next couple of months. Despite moving quickly we understand that ad serving is a mission critical part of your business. We take it seriously and have invested in infrastructure that insures that your ads are being delivered correctly even as we make continual improvements to the platform.

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