Key steps to monetize: 5 questions with Facebook Audience Network’s Nene Kalu Schaffert

August 09, 2021

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Bidding partner profile for Facebook Audience Network

MoPub is committed to being a reliable foundation for app developers’ deep-rooted growth in the short and long term. As part of that, we want to make getting started and scaling with monetization as streamlined as possible. Check out our 8 steps video series for more insights. We also wanted to highlight some of our partners and share their tips on best practices and key steps to make money from ads as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our 5 question profile today is with Nene Kalu Schaffert, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Adtech Partnerships, at Facebook Audience Network.

Nene Kanu Schaffer, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, Adtech Partnerships, at Facebook Audience Network.
1. What are the benefits to incorporating ads into my apps?

If you’re monetizing through subscriptions or in-app purchases (IAP) and have users that are hard to convert, ads can both engage them and unlock a new revenue stream for your app. In addition, ads can actually help drive in-app purchases if the ad allows users to test products or features first before they commit to buying.

2. All right, I want to start monetizing; what’s next?

Best practices differ according to the type of app you have. To help you get started,  Facebook Audience Network has published a set of in-app ads monetization guides covering all of the major gaming verticals. These guides aggregate the latest industry research, best practices and real-life examples for:

So, in short, establish your ad operations approach... keeping in mind that this includes the selection of a mediation partner that’s used when monetizing with app bidding. Facebook Audience Network recently published a mediation partner directory, which includes MoPub, to assist publishers with this part of the journey.

3. What are the most important things to keep in mind when setting up app monetization?

Start by thinking about your goals. Do you want to increase revenue while maintaining a stellar in-app experience? Or are you looking to improve your engagement and retention rates? Once your goals are clear, you can begin sizing the number of ad impressions needed and which ad formats could work best for your app.

4. How should I think about rollout and testing?

We recommend rolling out to at least 10% of users for at least 14 days. That way, our system has time to calibrate for the influx in new inventory and you have time to assess the impact of ads on the in-game experience. To learn more about testing optimization for in-app advertising, check out our 7 Steps from IAP to Ads: A Guide to Testing Hybrid Monetization.

5. What are the most important things to keep in mind when scaling app monetization?

It’s important to size the opportunity for app monetization—potential daily revenue based on your existing inventory. After that, ensure that you’re designing the game with optimal ad spaces and flow types in mind. Think carefully about designing ads that are engaging without being too intrusive. Plan a robust testing strategy with a variety of creatives in different ad slots to understand the impact on user experience, churn and ad spend. We've worked with a lot of publishers to integrate ads in a way that actually improves player experience and many have shared their experiences.

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