Key steps to monetize: 5 questions with Tapjoy’s Dan McAdams

August 17, 2021

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Bidding partner profile for Tapjoy

MoPub is committed to being a reliable foundation for app developers’ deep-rooted growth in the short and long term. As such, we want to make getting started with and scaling ad monetization as streamlined as possible. In this blog series, we’ve asked some of our partners to share their insights on best practices and key steps to make money from ads as effectively and efficiently as possible. Don’t forget to check out our 8 steps video for more insights.

Our five question profile today is with Dan McAdams, Sr. Director of Developer Relations at Tapjoy.

Dan McAdams, Sr. Director of Developer Relations, Tapjoy
1. As an app developer, what are the benefits to incorporating ads into my apps?

Games today are overwhelmingly free-to-play and while a small percentage of users become loyal in-app purchasers, the majority will not. That’s okay! Users today know that there is an exchange between free apps and ads. In fact, users often ask for more rewarded ad opportunities to help them quickly progress in an app, unlock content faster, or earn extra rewards. The right ad stack and strategy in your app can result in meaningful ad revenues.

2. All right, I want to start monetizing; what’s next?

Determine the points in your app where there is a natural break or an opportunity for a user to engage. After a “game over” moment you may show a skippable ad or a returning user may choose to engage with a rewarded video to double their daily bonus. Your ad placements will evolve and can be fine-tuned as you go. 

Next find a reliable ad mediator, like MoPub, to help manage which ad networks to partner with and how to best optimize them.

3. What are the most important things to keep in mind when setting up app monetization?

Ease of integration for your chosen ad partners and the support that those partners provide are instrumental when first setting up your monetization stack. There are a lot of ad SDKs out there, but choosing the right partners will help keep your app’s performance steady, your headaches to a minimum, and your ad revenue growing. Lastly, user experience should always be top of mind. Too many ads and your users will churn. Too few ads and you’re leaving money on the table. Consider impressions per session ratios, the ad formats in place, and the impact changing these has on engagement and retention. Are you serving a 30 second video when you should be serving a 5 second one? If the user experience is broken there will be no one to view the ads!

4. How should I think about rollout and testing?

With new ad mediator tools, with new solutions like MoPub’s Advanced Bidding, you can spend less time worrying about optimizing and testing your ad price points and more time testing your in-app UI/UX.

5. What are the most important things to keep in mind when scaling app monetization?

As your app scales, so should your ad partners. It’s essential to keep the competition between these partners high so that you always get the best price points for your inventory. The best ad partners offer access to a broad range of brand and performance advertisers, as well as varying ad formats. Understanding the lifetime value (LTV) of your users will become increasingly important as your user acquisition (UA) efforts grow. Funding growth is only possible if you have an understanding of LTV that includes ad revenues. Do you have the tools in place to measure LTV? Working with ad monetization partners who can also help you with UA will also streamline your app’s growth.

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