Partner Spotlight: Bucksense

December 17, 2018

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Franklin Ramirez
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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more. In this edition we interview Cristian Carnevale, CEO, Bucksense.

DSP Partner Spotlight Bucksense

MoPub: What trends are you seeing in mobile programmatic right now?

Cristian Carnevale: We are seeing advertisers leaning more towards ad formats and marketing strategies that provide a more personalized feel for customers. The days of bombarding customers with ads are gone. Advertisers are now more focused on protecting brands by taking more control over the placement of their ads and providing a relevant and quality experience for their customer base.

MoPub: Crystal ball — what will be the next “hot topic” that we’re all talking about in the next 6-12 months?

CC: Instead of simple retargeting campaigns that can frustrate customers and tarnish brands, we predict that advertisers will start focusing more on harnessing their data to provide meaningful insights that can help them achieve their campaign goals. Advertisers will start really seeing the benefits of creating detailed audiences, derived from real customer interactions and interests, and focusing on speaking to these audiences directly and mixing this first-party data with the third-party audience they get from data management platforms (DMPs).

MoPub: What’s the biggest misconception in the mobile programmatic market today?

CC: From a customer perspective, I think there are still several misconceptions around the use of data and in particular first-party data. There seems to be a fear regarding what data advertisers are collecting, how they are using it, and how safe and protected this information is. I think it is the responsibility of everyone in the digital advertising ecosystem to reassure customers that we take data privacy extremely seriously and its purpose for us as DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, and advertisers is to provide more tailored, personalized, and relevant advertising experiences for our customers.

MoPub: Can you share some of your most recent success stories?

CC: Bucksense's proprietary Responsive Ad Studio is being received extremely well by advertisers and brands. Our advertisers have seen their customer interaction rates soar with this format as users navigate throughout the ad, selecting the information that matters most to them and essentially creating their own unique user stories. This ad format has been particularly popular with brands who are focused and dedicated to providing quality and unobtrusive advertising experiences that enhance relationships with their customers. The ad format lets customers navigate through different products and focus on what is really important and relevant to them. This first-party data is being captured on the backed and segmented into behavior-based user audiences, so that customers will receive more precise and personalized ads in future campaigns. The end result being that customers are enjoying a better user experience which is leading to increased CTR, LTV, and ROI for our advertisers. 

From Bucksense: Bucksense is the programmatic platform for advertisers and agencies looking to bring brand building in house. With its Self-Serve, Open API, and Whitelabel solutions, Bucksense offers marketers control over media buying: From FULL spend and placement transparency to the most advanced campaign management functions. Learn more at

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