Partner Spotlight with Criteo: 3 things advertisers should know about in-app video

May 28, 2020

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Natalie Breitbach
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MoPub sat down with Ludovic Saussinan, Business Owner, App Direct at Criteo to discuss in-app video, from supply quality to rewarded video. Since 2015, Ludovic has occupied various positions in the Supply organization across EMEA, APAC and the US at Criteo. He currently oversees the strategy and the roll-out of our Direct Bidder for App products.

1. Would you consider mobile in-app video to be a “must buy” as part of any digital campaign?

With the rising consumption of video on mobile devices through entertainment and social media apps, app publishers are increasingly embracing video ads to ensure a consistent user experience. So in order to reach and engage their target audience where they spend their time, it’s crucial for advertisers to deliver their messaging in the right format in a manner that fits best the user experience. Interstitial video ads are often a good fit for both app publishers and advertisers as they can appear at natural transition points in an app’s user flow, creating a seamless experience for users and engaging them at moments when they may be most receptive. 

2. Should more advertisers embrace rewarded video ads? 

Rewarded video ads have been fueling freemium gaming growth over the past few years. It has become accepted that, in order to access a level or claim rewards, users can choose to watch an ad — and in fact, studies have found that many users view these ads positively since they provide a “free” chance to advance in a game. This newly accepted behavior creates a powerful attention window for advertisers to relay their messaging to their audience with high viewability and completion rates.

3. What should advertisers and their partners like Criteo look for when it comes to quality in-app video supply? 

Overall, when it comes to supply quality, it’s important that your DSP and SSP have open, proactive communication. At Criteo, having a constant communication line open to MoPub is really helpful; if we see suspicious activity on publishers or subsets of users, we can collaborate on the investigation starting from the auction all the way down to the install.

When looking at in-app video supply, two aspects that advertisers should pay close attention to are viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) protection. Understanding the viewability of a placement is crucial to ensure your message has the opportunity to be seen by users. We recommend working with in-app supply partners who have integrations with leading third-party viewability partners. 

Protection against IVT is also key to finding high quality in-app supply. Your supply partners should have a strict process in place to eliminate IVT, including publisher vetting and integrations with third-party IVT management providers who offer pre- and post-bid IVT filtering. It’s important to work with supply partners who take traffic quality seriously in order to minimize invalid traffic to your campaigns and fully realize the benefits of in-app inventory.


About the author: Natalie Breitbach, Lead, Business Marketing

Natalie Breitbach leads MoPub’s business marketing efforts globally. The business marketing team's charter is to drive awareness and inspire consideration for MoPub's solutions through targeted digital, content, and event marketing reaching app developers and publishers, demand-side platforms, mobile marketers, and other MoPub partners. Natalie has over a decade of experience in marketing and digital advertising and is based in New York, NY, where she’s always on the lookout for dogs to pet.

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