Partner Spotlight: Diving into quality with DoubleVerify

February 19, 2019

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Elizabeth Gilmore
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Partner Spotlight is a series on our blog where we hear directly from advertisers, agencies, DSPs, publishers, and partners about industry hot topics, challenges, predictions, and more. In this edition we interview Roy Rosenfeld, VP of Product and head of the Fraud Lab at DoubleVerify.

MoPub: What does quality inventory in the mobile app world mean to you? Are there misconceptions that you encounter in the market?

Roy Rosenfeld: Quality inventory speaks to transparency. Transparency is the right of an advertiser to know exactly how, where and to whom their brand promotion is being presented – the publishers and suppliers they are buying from, the devices where the ads are served and measurable user behaviors that signal engagement once the ads have run. Against this backdrop, mobile has emerged as a high-priority environment for digital advertising, given the majority of time spent by users on connected devices.

One popular misconception is that “mobile is mostly gaming, and gaming is poor quality.” The use of mobile apps across categories has increased dramatically over the past few years. Moreover, we see both high-quality and low-quality traffic across all apps, regardless of their function. That’s why choosing partners selectively is so important – with the right supply and verification partnerships to ensure quality, the mobile channel can be an excellent source of growth.

MoPub: What are some best practices you recommend to programmatic partners who are looking to buy high quality inventory? What challenges exist here?

Roy: We recommend that buyers are selective in choosing supply partners. Inventory that looks too good to be true often is – high spikes in the volume of an app’s traffic can indicate suspicious activity. In order to qualify the validity of this inventory, verification is key to ensure that one of the many fraud schemes that target mobile apps isn’t at play. We can mention two specific challenges that buyers face:

  • Buyers don’t know where the ads are running – there are hundreds of thousands of different apps and almost as many app developers. It’s very hard to map the sources of supply and identify low quality inventory.

  • Fragmented and complex buying market – that makes it easier for fraudsters to blend in with high-quality inventory and cover their tracks.

MoPub: What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile buyers?

Roy: Mobile is a large, growing channel – and an excellent way to reach audiences at scale. However, growth and opportunity attract fraud. We would tell buyers to remain vigilant and make sure they’ve carefully vetted their supply partners. Keeping track of key metrics and identifying anomalies is one way to proactively track suspicious sources of traffic. And of course, verification data can provide quality assurance and help buyers stay abreast of new, emerging fraud schemes.


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